Saturday, 29 December 2007

I'm back!

Christmas was...well,boring to be honest.But it doesn't matter,because there's loads to look forward to- the Russian Winter Festival (obviously),Belarus's Eurofest final doesn't seem too far away,the as yet unknown New Year's Eve plans (go back to Guildford for some of our new and exciting cocktail- Dennis In A Cup,and watch lots of Chelsi videos on the computer,or stay here in Kent with some Asti and...Chelsi videos on the computer- I just don't know).And of course there's the 4 Hills competition- the most exciting part of the ski jumping season (apart from Holmenkollen).It started today,and although we all know Thomas Morgenstern is going to win it,I'm supporting his lovely Austrian teammate,Andreas Kofler,looking rather nice here in an Austrian police uniform...

Of course I'll be supporting Anders Jacobsen too (back after his horrible crash in Trondheim a few weeks ago),but he hasn't really been able to match the great form he had at the beginning of last year...
Anyway,enough of the ski jumping.For now :).I wanted to post a video which I saw quite a long time ago but which also disappeared off of youtube for some reason.Might be a few days premature but whatever,here's Dima Bilan singing a festive New Year's version of Pozdravlayu.He's a lovely chap is Dima,organising a surprise party for his girlfriend (although he looks more surprised than her),complete with a scary dog and industrial strength party poppers.I'd take that dog back if I was you Dima,it shouldn't be making noises like that.

Monday, 24 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: Christmas Eve!

So.There's been some pretty awful Christmas songs on this blog in the past 3 weeks,but I thought I'd save the best for last.It's a favourite of ours at Europop Mansions Surrey Branch,because it's just a bit mad.George Michael had his camp moments but this is quite something- it's everyone's favourite all-male former Russian pop duo Smash singing Last Christmas.What are the dodgy silver fluffy coats about I ask?And what has Vlad taken to make him so hyperactive?And why have they nicked Ola's black and white whirly thing from Eurovision?

If I'm not back on here before,have a fabulous Christmas and a Eurotastic new year :)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

2007 Countdown Part 4

So of course it was very close between Work Your Magic and this one,but my favourite song of this year is....

1: Måns Zelmerlöw- Cara Mia

Yes it’s Måns again. According to itunes, I’ve played this song 698 times. Well, not quite, but it will be before long probably. When I found out the results of Melodifestivalen, I was in a sulk that Andreas Johnson didn’t win (just like last year really). And then I heard Cara Mia and thought it was even more of an injustice that The Ark won (even though I love them now, as I said before, Ola Salo is an amazing lyricist, and some of his songs have meant a lot to me in recent times shall we say). I still think this would have done better than The Worrying Kind at Eurovision, it reminds me of Mihai’s Tornero (the best song of last year, and not just in Eurovision terms either), only it might even be a bit better than that. Everything about it is fabulous, the intro that makes you think “what the hell is this?”, the frenetic chorus, the big ending…it’s a bit of a Europop masterpiece I think :) So that’s 3 of Måns’s songs in my little countdown. That’s not bad. Maybe I should buy his album now, I’m thinking it would probably be quite a good investment.

There's been many other fabulous Europop tunes this year that I haven't mentioned of course- Venke Knutson's Holiday, practically everything that Sopho Khalvashi did, the Lene Marlin and Lovebugs song Avalon, and of course the super Do You Believe by's been a Eurotastic year,I hope 2008 will be the same :)

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 23/12

Here's Jill Johnson (Swedish apparantly...) singing I Want You For Christmas.Yeah and I want to live on a desert island with nothing but the Chelsi boys, Dima Koldun, Per Ciljan Skjelbred and non stop ski jumping on the telly for entertainment.But I don't think I'll get that.Not this year :)

Christmas Eve tomorrow.An exciting song coming up...

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Do you believe that love can last forever?

Here it is,my official favourite Eurovision related song of 2008 so far :)

2007 Countdown Part 3

4: Måns Zelmerlöw- Brother Oh Brother

Although there’s a few dodgy lines in this song… “I thought she was the one, until I realised that she was gone…” “I thought you knew… well now I do,” I can overlook them :) This is such a tune. And it sounds really good on Keira’s fabulous new ipod hi-fi thing.

3: Chelsi- Krilya/Ya Shagayu Pa Moskve/Careless Whisper/Ya Ne Umru Bez Tvoi Liubvi

OK OK, I know I’ve just listed 4 songs there, but I couldn’t possibly choose between them, they’re all so good. Chelsi have undoubtedly been my greatest musical discovery this year, they’ve taken me and Keira back to the good old days of British pop. Well, obviously they sing in Russian and we don’t always know what they’re singing about, but they’re just like a 90s boyband really (except they wear suits which just makes them even better). Of course it helps that Arseniy Borodin is one of the hottest men on the planet, but their music is nothing short of fabulous. Krilya has the added bonus of a…nice video, Ya Shagayu Pa Moskve is wonderful (not their song, I know, but it’s still a great version, I even got to play it in one of my Russian lessons a few months ago), Careless Whisper is, again, another super cover, even if they do miss out a word in the chorus which sounds a bit strange. Ya Ne Umru Bez Tvoi Liubvi is in fact a cover of a Dima Koldun song so I’ve been told, and although I said before I prefer Dima’s version, I think I’ve changed my mind. I love the intro, I love the guitar solo in the middle, I love the way when it gets quieter towards the end that you think it’s finished, and I love the way Roman shouts Ya Ne Umru Bez Liubvi in the last chorus…yeah, it’s an alright song :)

2: Dima Koldun- Work Your Magic

Say what you like about Filip Kirkorov (and me and Keira often do), he made a bloody good job of this song. Oh how we tried to promote it to everyone we knew in the run up to Eurovision. Well OK, it was about 3 months actually. No one seemed to take any notice though. It’s a travesty Belarus got no points from the UK, says something about the rubbish musical taste of the British public though I suppose… Yes Molitva was a good song, but let’s face it, it was just a generic Balkan ballad really, whereas Work Your Magic was a bit different to your normal Eurovision fare. It’s completely dramatic and over the top, but catchy and brilliant at the same time. And not only has it given me the title of my blog, but also provided us with Loving Potion, a world class cocktail knocked up one evening in the bright yellow holiday camp in Guildford. Oh yes, and the small matter of it being sung by the sexiest Belarussian in the world simply adds to its appeal. Actually no, it’s sung by the sexiest man in the world full stop (Dima was recently unanimously voted the hottest man on the planet. By me and Keira).

It's Ruslan!

Some nice Belarussian (probably) has put the video of Ruslan's fabulous Hasta La Vista on youtube.OK,so the performance isn't that great,but whatever,he's in the final now.I think I read somewhere that Ruslan won Russia's Narodniy Artist competition (the same thing Dima was in before Fabrika),don't know when though.Anyway,watch this,it's soooo good!If not slightly catchy,I woke up with it in my head this morning,worryingly.Hopefully they'll hurry up and put Litesound on next.

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 22/12

This is Evridiki singing Mia aggalia gia to arGOODaki.Don't know why the GOOD is in capital letters,but that's what it said on youtube.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Oh well

It's not all good though,Glenn won Norwegian Idol tonight.I didn't like either of them in the final but out of the 2,I'd probably rather Bjørn Johan won.Anyway,I'm going to stop posting now,I'm sure you've had enough of me tonight!


Litesound are in the final,hurrah!And Gunesh and Po Glazam.Why I have no idea...Did I hear something about Ruslan as well?He seemed to have an insane amount of points on that scoreboard thing...

Eurofest Semi Final- My thoughts :)

Eurofest is on...Lena,The Champions and Yulia have all already been on,and well,they were instantly forgettable really.
Remember the guy (German Titov),who I said looked like Dima?Well,he doesn't.Not close up.His and Anya's song is fabulous though,bit of an odd and awkward stage setup involving big red sashes,but generally it was really good.They sang it in Russian tonight,and it worked.As Eurovision duets go,this is certainly one of the better ones.I think they've got quite a good chance of getting to the final.

Ruslan has just been on too,singing Hasta La Vista (one of my other favourites from the preview video),the full version is super,I could well imagine it at Eurovision,and I think it could do quite well actually,particularly if he adds some funky kind of dancers in the background.I really want him to go through.Don't know when we actually find out the results...

I said Oksana's song was boring yesterday.It still is.But I like her dress...

Oh god,Pincode are on now.They've gone a bit Zdob si Zdub and got some old people in national dress on.Song reminds me of a really awful version of Tina Karol's Show Me Your Love.

Viktor's song isn't quite as bad as the preview suggested.Still don't like it at all though.

Having second thoughts about Gunesh actually,it's all a bit screechy and repetitive,and although the performance is good,I can't imagine anyone voting for it at Belgrade next year.Then again,I didn't think they'd vote for Molitva...

Ooh Skandal are on.Weirdest stage setup of the night,they're wearing white (very D'Nash...) and have just been joined by some people with guitars and scary monster masks,and the half naked guy in the tutu is back as well.Oh,and the lead singer has a bit of a mullet which is always a winner.I quite like this actually.Ah,now they're waving Belarussian flags...Magic!

The girl from Po Glazam is wearing a silver dress with lots of European flags on it.That's about the most interesting thing about the song.

Palats are next...wonder when Litesound will be on?They're probably saving the best for last :) Oh god,Palats are scary.This has absolutely no chance!
Dali next...oh his microphone stopped working for a few seconds,that was nice.
Katrin looks fabulous,and she sounds it too.I said this was boring yesterday but I think I've changed my mind,I could see this at Eurovision.Ooh,there's guitars too,wasn't expecting that.Good performance,involving backing dancers dressed like without shirts.

Aagh,Litesound next!Told you they'd save the best for last :) Great performance,and this guy has such a good voice...Oh I love them,they have to win!

So it's all finished votes go to Litesound obviously,Ruslan and mmm,either Katrin or Skandal,I'm not sure.I shall be back with the results as soon as I know them!

2007 Countdown Part 2

Carrying on with my top songs of the year...

7: Måns Zelmerlöw- My Mistake

I only heard this one quite recently, but I absolutely love it. It’s got the right amount of balladness in it (that’s a new word) and it’s another one I love singing along to loudly in the kitchen. And it can’t be just me who thinks it’s a bit Michael Bublé sounding (can it?).

6: Albino Superstars- Popular

I heard this at the VG Lista concert as well (I make it sound like I was actually there, when in reality I was of course sitting in bed watching it and getting annoyed with the live stream cutting out every half a minute). It’s so so catchy, it’s fabulous. And the fact I’m sure they shot the video on the Oslofjord gives it bonus points too. I’ve heard their follow up song My Girls, but didn’t quite like it as much as this one.

5: Kurt Nilsen- Push Push

There are not enough superlatives in the English language to describe Kurt, I love him. He’s been my favourite singer in the world for the last 5 years, so I was very excited (to put it mildly) when I found out he was going to be at the VG Lista concert doing his new song, which was this. It’s funky, it’s cool, it’s a bit different to the stuff on his first 2 albums, and hopefully the next one will be full of things like this (from what I’ve heard, I think it will be). I urge you very much to check out the videos on youtube that he did for VG, where he’s in a studio singing Silence and Come On. They’re sooooo good.

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 21/12

This is Lenna Kuurmaa from Europe's coolest girlband Vanilla Ninja,singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Eurofest tomorrow

So it's the semi final of Belarus's Eurofest tomorrow.There are 15 songs of which 3 go through to the final (21st January) by means of what looks like quite a complex voting system.From what I've seen of the semi finalists,this is what I think...

Ruslan Alekhno- Hasta La Vista: I like it,it's a nice (dramatic sounding) pop song.Has your typical Eurovision lyrics: "Hasta la,I'm gonna miss you...maybe".Reminds me of something,I can't quite think what.Maybe a bit of I Love You Mi Vida?I'm not sure.Anyway,it's good.

Palats- Wheel of Windmill: Didn't have the English version on the video,and what they did have on there was only a few bars.Sounds quite folky and has guitars.Probably wouldn't do very well at ESC I don't think.

Litesound- Do You Believe: Ah,seems like your token song about a lost love or something.One that you could potentially wave your lighter or glowsticks to :) Very good though from what I've heard,the lead singer has a great voice.

Pincode- You Can: "Hey boy you can touch me,hey boy you can kiss me" Yawn.

Anya Sharkunova & German Titov - We are to be the first: From the angle and distance this video is at,the guy looks like Dima.Sounds a bit like him too.Again,it wasn't the English version,but I have a feeling it will probably be better in Russian anyway.Although it's not very Eurovisiony anyway.Too slow.

Gunesh- I Can't Live Without You: She's been in Eurofest before apparantly.The song reminds me a bit of Polina's 'Mama' a few years ago (I think that's the one).It's quite good.In the little interview thingy after,Gunesh said "Ya ochen lyublyu rok" I really love rock.Well that's all very well,but it doesnt tend to do to well at Eurovision.Think I like this one though.And Gunesh is pretty cool.

Lena Voloshina - That's all I feel: Mmm.Boring.

Yulia Guseva - Maybe: Moody and rocky.It's alright,but nothing special.

The Champions- Drive Me Crazy: Nyet.Bolshoi nyet.

Scandal- Everybody: No chance.I could imagine it at Eurovision though,although not for Belarus.It's very catchy I think.In the video there was a half naked man dancing around the stage in a tutu.And why not!

Victor Pshenichny - Baby blue: A man with a guitar who thinks he's it's still the 60s.Doesn't really do it for me.

Po Glazam - Girl of three thousand years: It's shockingly bad.

Oksana Kovalevskaya - Always alone: She has a nice voice,but the song sounds a bit boring to be honest.

Katrin - Follow me: As above

Dali - Silver sky: Completely unEurovision.Apparantly they've been in Eurofest before too.Probably will be next year as well.

So there you go.I won't predict anything because I'm pretty bad at that,but if I was on the jury I would definitely definitely choose Litesound and Gunesh.And probably Ruslan as well,although I don't think that'll actually happen.I don't think any of the songs are as strong as Work Your Magic,but then again,I would think that.But we shall see...If the computer is free and this link actually works,I shall be watching the semi final online tomorrow night.

A fabulous musical year: Revisited

It seems a good time to write about some of the highlights of the year, as generally seems to be the fashion at this time. So for the next few days, Work Your Magic is probably going to be somewhat of a listmania :)
I thought I’d start with a bit of a countdown of my favourite songs of 2007. I’ve put a lot of thought into it, because although I’ve heard so many good songs this year, a lot of them are actually old (well, older than a year anyway). That’s why many of my absolute favourites (like Krugovarot, Vroce and Samaya Liubimaya) are not mentioned. Anyway, I’ve managed to come up with 10, well sort of anyway. You’ll see.

10: Dima Koldun- Ya Dlya Tebya

Dima can do no wrong. I don’t think there’s a song he’s done that I don’t like. He’s done some great stuff since Eurovision, Na Volne is cool, Nikagda is lovely if not a bit on the sad side, Reality of Dreams is also wonderful… however, I think this is my favourite one of the lot, if only because I love the guitar intro, and can’t help singing along to the first few (high and squeaky) bits :)

9: Tone Damli Aaberge- Fever

I’d heard of Tone before the VG Lista concert in Oslo this summer but hadn’t taken much notice. I discovered that I actually really like her voice though, and this is a really good song, bit different to your average pop song I think. I must say, I still haven’t listened to anything else of hers (apart from the couple of performances on Idol Gir Tilbake), but I will do. Eventually.

8: Dima Bilan- Number One Fan

“They call me Dima Bilan, Dima Bilan, D-D-Dima Bilan”. Hardly Ola Salo or Teitur class lyrics, but I’ve got used to them now. When I first heard Number One Fan, my first reaction was something like- “oh Dima, what have you done?” But for some reason I kept listening to it and now it’s ended up one of my favourite songs of the year. Why? I don’t really know. But it is funky and catchy, and although to be honest, I don’t think all his working with Timbaland and English language stuff is going to get him very far (unfortunately. If any Russian’s going to make an impact in Britain or America, it’ll be Sergei Lazarev), I still think it’s good that he’s trying. Can’t wait to see him next month in London either :)

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 20/12

Again,I don't like this song,but it's better in Swedish.Especially when it has a few guitars in it :) It's The Ark singing O Helga Natt,8 years ago.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 19/12

Here's another song from Latvia's Talantu Fabrika.You lucky people :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

MGP Stavanger...

Ooh,it seems NRK (the greatest national broadcaster in the world :) ) has announced the artists for the first Melodi Grand Prix semi final...

1. Podium: Lystgass
2. Tinkerbells: Hold On
3. Nicholas Carlie: Colliding
4. Ann-Mari Anderson: Andagazzi
5. Michelle: Baby don't stop the music
6. Veronica Akselsen: Am I supposed to love again

Can't say I've heard of any of them actually,except Veronica Akselsen,whose 2006 (?) MGP attempt Like A Wind,I quite liked.Maybe the other semis will be a bit more exciting.

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 18/12

I first heard of Jeanette Biedermann a few years ago when I was in Croatia.I thought she was cool.Here's her Christmas effort,The Infant Light.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Another year,another ballad...

So Albania have decided on their Eurovision song.It's sung by Olta Boka and is called Zemrën lamë peng.She has a nice voice and the music is pretty,but let's face it,the song is pretty bland.Then again I haven't actually enjoyed an Albanian Eurovision song since Anjeza's fabulous Image of You in 2004...Anyway,here's the video,see what you think.

Andorra's song however,now that's much more like it...

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 17/12

A few days ago I posted the Christmassy song that Åste Sem did,and now it's from one super Idol contestant to quite a few others.This is from Idol Gir Tilbake (yes,I'm still watching bits of it),Gaute Ormåsen is quite clearly the best though :)

Sunday, 16 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 16/12

Here's Anna Vissi singing the Greek version of Silent Night (Agia Nixta).It sounds nicer in Greek than in English actually.

So,not long til Christmas now,so not many dodgy Europop Christmas songs left I'm sure you'll be glad to hear.I'm looking forward to the Christmas Eve one though...

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Oh dear

Seems it's not just the Norwegians making silly voting decisions on their musical reality TV this week.How exactly did Leon win the X Factor when he's clearly one of the most boring contestants ever?Especially when he was up against Rhydian who was at least 10 million times better.It's like Prohor on Fabrika Zvezd all over again...(although of course I'm very glad Dima won that :) )

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 15/12

So I wanted to post something Christmassy from Norway's Idol programme,which is the only reason why today's song is one that's already been on the WYM Advent Calendar Thingy before (because I wasn't going to bother with Bjørn Johan and Glenn).This is Åste Sem singing All I Want For Christmas Is You (it’s better than the Spanish version I posted a few days ago : ) ) Åste was of course voted out of Idol last week,leaving me hoping that the Norwegians would see sense and vote Kim Rune to win.But no,he was voted out last night,so the final is now between Bjørn Johan and Glenn.What an exciting final that'll be...

A tale of 2 Dimas

On Wednesday we got a new addition to our family...

This is Dima.He's a bit annoying to say the least.And loud,and very hyperactive.Oh and he smells a bit too,but he's quite sweet.
And this is Dima Bilan.I'm loving this song,it's called Gore Zima (Zima meaning winter and gore...well I'm not sure what that means actually).But it's a really funky song.Not too sure about Mr B's face furniture in the video though,it's not his best look.

Friday, 14 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 14/12

Here's an...interesting song from DJ Bobo.Not sure what it's called.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

So much excitement...

OK,so it's not quite the news we were really really looking forward to,but still ridiculously exciting all the same- Dima Bilan's gonna be at the Russian Winter Festival.Woohoo!

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 13/12

Here's Mihai singing The First Noel,it's very pleasant :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Just read that Lene Alexandra might be in Norway's Melodi Grand Prix for Belgrade next year.Please no,that would be awful!Still,on the plus side at least we've got Ola's and Velvet's Melodifestivalen entries to look forward to.And Paolo Meneguzzi for Switzerland.Oh,and that pirate song for Latvia.But still,Lene Alexandra?!

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 12/12

Today is my last day at Europop Mansions Surrey Branch for a while :( Not sure how often I'll be blogging for the next month or so seeing as our internet connection at home is,erm,antiquated to say the least.But anyway,today's song isn't exactly a Christmas song,but Keira wanted me to include it because it's 'snowy and festive.'Well,that or she just wanted to look at Dima Bilan.It's from the Vremya Reka album,and it's Ya Tebya Pomnyu (I remember you).

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 11/12

Again because I'll probably be too busy tomorrow/later (...?),here's today's Christmas song.It's from Finland and is by Johanna Kurkela,don't know who she is I'm afraid,as the only Wikipedia information about her is in Finnish.Anyway,this is apparantly simply called Joululaulu (Christmas Song,that's one of the few bits of Finnish that I know),it seems to be a Finnish version of Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (if that's the actual title of the song,which I don't think it is).

9th March

Make a note of it in your diary/calendar/on the back of an old Tesco receipt- the Russian national final for Eurovision is on 9th March.And RTR are showing it on the internet,woohoo!The deadline for entries is 1st February,which means there's plenty of time for Victor Drobysh to write something for Chelsi :)

Monday, 10 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 10/12

Today we have someone called Kim from the second series of Latvia's Talantu Fabrika singing White Christmas.Great....

Le vent souffle sur les plaines de la Bretagne armoricaine

I must say,as musical genres go,I've never really paid much attention to Celtic hip hop before.Especially when it's Celtic hip hop that's actually rapped in French.Sounds like a bit of a recipe for disaster really.However,I came across Manau (which is also apparantly the Gaelic name for the Isle of Man),about 2 weeks ago.They're 3 guys from Brittany who've been on the Celtic hip hop scene since 1998 apparantly.I haven't had the chance to listen to much of their stuff yet,but I've been listening to the song I'm posting today an insane amount recently.It's called La Tribu de Dana (Dana's Tribe),and is apparantly an ancient poem that's been rejuvenated in the form of rap,with the help of a few traditional Celtic instruments.Sounds a bit strange I know,but it works.It definitely works.Seems a lot of people on youtube are not too excited about the video that goes with it,but I'm liking that too.

Actually,I think I'll talk about another song of theirs.I'm assuming it's a lot more recent than La Tribu de Dana,because it's completely different to it,and the other songs I've heard from the first album.It's called Tout Le Monde.I'm not quite sure why I like it.Maybe it's still the novelty of French rap,maybe it's because it gets stuck in my head,maybe it's because the lead singer/rapper (whatever you call him,I'm not quite sure of his actual name,I must say :/ ) is looking very attractive indeed in the video.Or maybe it's a combination of all three...

Sunday, 9 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 9/12

Not quite the Måns Zelmerlöw/Agnes version,but here's some people from the fifth series of Spain's Operación Triunfo singing All I Want For Christmas Is You (one of the very few Christmas songs I can actually stand).Although if I listen to this version too much,that could all change.

Until the sun comes up you can hold my hand

Interesting Fact of the Day: The Faroese name for the Faroe Islands is Føroyar,which means 'Sheep Islands'.Oh the wonders of Wikipedia.The Faroe Islands however,are also home to one of the best singer/songwriters around.I discovered Teitur Lassen about 4 years ago,about the time of his first album,Poetry and Aeroplanes.But as seems to be the case quite often,I sort of forgot about him until quite recently.
Anyway,the first song of his that I ever heard,and I think the song he's most well known for,is called I Was Just Thinking,and it's about long distance relationships.Like most of his music,it's simple,yet very beautiful and just on the right side of melancholy.You can see the video here.
Sleeping With The Lights On is also from Poetry and Aeroplanes,and it's also lovely.And quite catchy too.You can see it here
The second album Stay Under The Stars came along a whole 3 years after Poetry and Aeroplanes,I haven't heard so many of the songs from it,but I came across this one today,it's called Louis Louis,it's a bit more upbeat than the two I've just mentioned,and I could see it being quite popular in Britain actually.There's some other songs from this album on Teitur's MySpace page.

As well as releasing the 2 English language albums in America (and Canada as well I think),Teitur has also done a Faroese one,which was apparantly released this year in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.However,you can indeed buy it on CDWow which I may just have to do some time soon.It's called Káta Hornið (no idea what that means unfortunately),and this is what appears to be the first single from it,called Ongir Pengar (might mean something to do with money if Faroese is anything like Norwegian.Then again,I could be very very wrong).It's pretty different to the other songs I've posted on here,but it's very cool.The video's cool too,looks a bit like a Mew video I think.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 8/12

Mmm,so Niki went on X Factor,should blatantly have been the naff duo that are Same Difference,but whatever.As long as Rhydian wins,I'm not too bothered.
Anyway,time for something completely cheesy,but in a good way.It's Magnus and Alcazar singing Happy Happy Year For Us All.

The Momentous 100th Post!

After 7 whole months of sharing my innermost thoughts on fabulous pieces of Europop (mostly,"ooh isn't Dima gorgeous?" And,"Aaaaagh it's a new Chelsi video!"),I've finally reached 100 posts,which seems to be a bit of a blogging milestone.When I first started Work Your Magic back in June it was just something to do really,I didn't think anyone would actually read it,so thank you everyone who does,and who leaves me comments and has a link to me on their page (even has acknowledged me,which I was quite excited about!)
Anyway,better be off to watch the X Factor results now,I shall return later with today's Christmas song,and some other stuff too :)

Norwegians,what were you thinking?!

Åste Sem was voted out of Idol tonight,how rubbish is that?!What's even more rubbish though is that she lost out to Bjørn Johan,who I'm not the biggest fan of.Apparantly there was some sort of 'voting scandal' according to VG,but then again there's always rumours of stuff like that in Idol series everywhere.Anyway,hopefully Kim Rune will win now.

Friday, 7 December 2007


The headline that's all over the online Norwegian newspapers made me very sad when I saw it just now.It seems Anders Jacobsen,who's been my favourite ski jumper since I first saw him at the Four Hills tournament last year,had a rather nasty fall in training in Granåsen near Trondheim today,and is suffering from concussion (as you can well imagine would happen if you fall down a bloody big hill at 100km an hour.)Have to say,I didn't really understand much more of anything I read,but hopefully he'll make a quick recovery.

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 7/12

Yesterday I finally got Tiziano Ferro's 2003 album 111.I haven't actually listened to it all yet,but what I've heard so far is good.So he's today's representative for my Europop Advent Calendar.It's a version of John Lennon's Happy Christmas,and he's singing it with someone called Elisa.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Exciting news!

Guess who's going to see Jonatan Cerrada in Paris in April?I'm not quite as excited as I should be yet,but once this nasty week of exams and stupid essays is out of the way,I'm sure I will be.My first ever Europop concert....

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 6/12

I can't sleep and because a-it's just gone midnight,so it is the 6th of December and b-I'll probably be too busy to post tomorrow,I thought I'd do today's Europop advent calendar thingy now.
It's a song that I heard about a month ago,but I must say,I'd forgotten about it until Keira reminded me,it's what appears to be the finalists of Slovenia's Bitka Talentov (which I have mentioned on here before,because Anžej Dežan was in it),singing a song called 12 Mesecev,which (here comes the geeky linguist) looks like the Russian for 12 Months...I could be wrong,but anyway,here it is :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Un dimanche comme ça

Just a quick post before I'm off to my department's Christmas party.I've been told I have to take some Russian music with me,because we're not allowed anything in English.Fine by me,I love a bit of Chelsi promotion!Anyway,a few months ago when I was really excited about getting La Preuve du Contraire by Jonatan Cerrada (couple of years late,I know),I mentioned that one of my favourite songs on the album was Un Dimanche d'Automne.Well I've been listening to Jonatan quite a bit lately,and found a video (again,an old one) of him doing it live on French telly.It's nice :)

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 5/12

Buongiorno!Today's song is by the wonderful Paolo Meneguzzi (can't wait to see him in Eurovision next year),and it's called l'Albero di Natale (Christmas Tree).Unfortunately the only video on youtube that actually involves the man himself,is really bad quality,so I've had to put this rather less interesting one up instead :/

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Oh go on then

And this is Aleksander singing Like A Prayer (yep,the Madonna song) with Marion Raven.Seems like a bit of an odd song choice for a duet to me,and Marion's voice is a bit too loud for my liking,but whatever,Aleksander is in it,and he's wearing that scarf again.I do like a man in a scarf...


Some nice person has put the video of the opening of the fantastic Idol Gir Tilbake concert on youtube.They've unfortunately cut off a bit of Kurt singing She's So High,but the rest of it's all there :)

WYM Europop Advent Calendar 4/12

From one Eurovision star to another...This is quite a nice song called Hronia Polla,by Sakis Rouvas.Doesn't sound overly Christmassy actually,but oh well,I quite like it :)

Monday, 3 December 2007

Every move I made was just for me

I'm so bored with the French Communism scene now (ooh that sounds like it could be a name for a naff British indie band!)But sadly no,it's what I have to revise for my Politics exam next week,along with other such fun things as equal rights within the French government,language laws and political regimes since the fall of the monarchy.I so can't wait til the end of next week when we shall be cracking open the Russian vodka to celebrate the end of a ridiculously busy semester.Mmm.Anyway,for now though,let's listen to one of my favourite songs of the minute,My Mistake by Måns Zelmerlöw,whose album I still haven't managed to get round to buying.

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: 3/12

Today's song is one I've never heard before.It's apparantly a traditional Ukrainian Christmas song called Utishmosia,and it's sung by Ruslana.Enjoy!

P.S- Interesting Kjartan Salvesen related fact of the day: Did you know Kjartan's song Viking e Tebage was actually written by him 2 years before he went on Idol,and won a competition to be the theme song of one of Norway's top football teams,Viking Stavanger?No me either...

Sunday, 2 December 2007

A million pleasures but no satisfaction

Today I thought it was about time I wrote about one of my favourite bands of the past 6 years or so,and my favourite Latvian band ever- Prata Vetra.Or Brainstorm,whichever you prefer.If you already know them,it's probably because of their...interesting performance on Eurovision 2000.They must have done something right though,seeing as they came 3rd and everything.Actually,My Star is a nice pop song.Probably very typically Eurovision though,I can't imagine it actually being played on the radio anywhere.

As for the rest of Prata Vetra's songs,it's quite hard knowing where to start in terms of what videos to post.They've been around since 1989,which is an insanely long time,and have released a very impressive 15 albums.It seems that most of my favourite ones (Issavienojums,French Cartoon,Heart's Desire,Puse No Sirds,Es Varetu Iet Lidz etc etc)were either not released as singles,or just don't have videos on youtube.So I've chosen 3 of my other favourites that do.

Thunder Without Rain comes from the latest album- Four Shores.I love the intro to this song,and although I don't really know what it's all about,I can't help but sing along to it whenever it comes on.

Tu Izvēlējies Palikt (You Chose To Stay) is from the 1999/2000(?) album Among the Suns and is the Latvian version of Welcome to My Country.It's a very pretty song,although I'm a bit confused about why it was used in a promo video for the Latvian Tourist Board.The lyrics (to the English version anyway) go 'welcome to my country,but here you don't belong...welcome to my country,here you're bound to fall.'So it seemed like a bit of a strange choice...Anyway,this is a live version from a Latvian festival.

Waterfall is from the 2002 album- Online.Which is actually a pretty good album,that's where Maybe is from too (the video of which I've posted here before).Again,this is nice,happy,inoffensive pop.I like it :)

Work Your Magic presents...The Amazing 2007 Europop Advent Calendar Thing!

Ok,it's a day late,but that's because of technical problems yesterday (ie,stupid youtube took down the video I was going to post.Grrrr.)
So yes,it's December,which means the countdown to Christmas (whether you like it or not,and to be honest- I don't) has begun.So in the festive spirit,I've found 24 (well 23 now) of the best Europop Christmas songs around.I use the term 'best' rather loosely here you understand.
To start things off then,here's a singer I don't particuarly like singing a song I absolutely hate.
Amy Diamond- Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Hold on,I feel like I'm headed for a breakdown

Talking of Kjartan's version of Unwell,it's a Rob Thomas song apparantly (I think I know who he is).Anyway,Kjartan did it on series 2 of Idol too.

There's a lot of talking before the start,and admittedly he doesn't sing much of it,but you get the idea.
Also,while we're on the subject of Idol,this concert tonight(which I shall watch the rest of tomorrow and no doubt comment a lot more on the people in it later),seemed to feature Gaute Ormåsen quite a lot.He came second in the first series,losing out to Kurt,but I'd never actually heard him sing before tonight.This song though,Kjærlighet Er Mer Enn Forelskelse (which I think means something like Love is more than just falling in love...not sure,haven't studied Norwegian for far too long),is very nice indeed.It's from his second album,the imaginatively titled 'G for Gaute.'I like it mostly because it seems pretty rare to find Norwegian pop songs in Norwegian,and so it sounds like it's sung with more feeling than it probably would be in English.Also though,I love his accent,and the video's really sweet.

Just an afterthought- is it just me or does he sound like Jakob Sveistrup?

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Not again!

I'm so stupid.After going on last night about the special Idol programme they're showing tonight,I've just discovered (halfway through the programme) that I can in fact watch it online.Grrrrrrrrrrr! Oh well,I don't think Kurt's been on yet,so that's a good thing.

* He's on now,he's singing Dance With Me,and it's very good :)
* Mmmm....Aleksander's just sung Glorious by Andreas Johnson.I'm in love.Sorry Chelsi,I've moved on!
* Kjartan Salvesen really is fabulous.He's just done a song called Unwell.Never heard it before,but it's really good.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Tomorrow... the 1st of December,which means there might be some festive things going on on this blog.Now that's something to look forward to.
In typical late fashion (seeing as I haven't kept up with the series at all),I thought I'd mention the latest from Idol.Timian Naastad was eliminated tonight.Can't say that was a bad thing,he was hardly one of the best.I'm surprised he got this far actually.Seems Bjørn Johan is favourite to win :/ Also,there's some special show on TV2 tomorrow evening,with all the past winners of Idol and the finalists as well.Aleksander,Kurt,Kjartan AND Margaret Berger on the same stage?Venke Knutson's involved somewhere as well apparantly.I'm so jealous I can't get TV2 :(

In other news,I might be going to Belgium for Easter,which I'm very excited about.I love Belgium,so spending more than a few hours there would be really good.
So,to get in the Belgian mood,I thought I could post the new Hooverphonic video.But it's a bit strange to be honest,so instead I thought I'd post this.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

What time is it? It's Chelsi time!

I know I've posted about Samaya Liubimaya about 300 times,but I found a very recent (actual live) performance of it just now and thought I should share.So,just in case you still haven't heard the greatest Russian pop song of the past...2 years(?),here it is.Not the greatest visual quality ever,and there's some naughty Russian people talking over it at some points,but they're still vocally very good.

And unless I'm very much mistaken,there's a new album coming out this weekend,which is quite exciting.Only heard one song from it so far,and I can't say I like it that much,but I'm sure it'll grow on me.We're still sending telepathic messages to Victor Drobysh too,telling him to do the right thing and send the boys over for the Russian Winter Festival.He'd better be listening!

Monday, 26 November 2007

By the way...

Today is Prohor Shalyapin's birthday,which gives me a (long overdue) excuse to write about him.If you haven't heard of Prohor (which I expect is probably the case),you've been missing out,because he's fabulous :) He was one of my favourite people on last year's Fabrika Zvezd (then again,who wasn't really?),but I've only recently been getting into his music.He did quite well in Fabrika,although from what I've heard,he wasn't exactly the most popular of the housemates.However,as great as Dima is,if the competition had been based purely on who had the best voice,Prohor would have walked it.Although to be honest,he's much more of a theatrical/musical type singer than an all round pop star like Dima and Chelsi are.
There's not too many videos of him on youtube,but this is a very good performance...

I would also advise you very strongly to listen to this song It's called Krugovarot,which,in the context of the chorus means 'life is crazy.' It's a beautiful song,very relaxing and sounds very optimistic too (even though I can't understand any of it,that's the impression I get).
There are many other big ballad type songs on Prohor's website,that seems to be the thing he's best at,but this one is also good.It's called Polyubi Nyeba,and it reminds me of a Balkan Eurovision song.Which is always good.
Then there's this- Vdol Pa Peterskay ,a Russian folk song,which seems to be another genre he quite likes.
Actually,looking at that,he does seem to be quite a versatile artist...I'm not quite sure what he's been up to since Fabrika,but hopefully he's doing well.And I can't say it would be anything other than fabulous if he came to the Russian Winter Festival in January :)

You should have known better than to stay in love with me

Poster Girl mentioned Kjartan Salvesen not so long ago,but I've just come across this fabulous performance of his latest song on the super GMTV-style programme that is must-see viewing for me whenever I'm in Norway- God Morgen Norge.He's been on there before,singing the lovely 'Then Silence'.I don't get why he's not more popular than he actually is in Norway,he's an amazing singer.Anyway,this is 'Leaving Me,' it's a bit melancholy,but don't let that put you off,it's really good.Those Norwegians definitely choose their Idol winners well!

Having said that though,why they got rid of this guy (Marius Barhaugen)in this year's series,I have no idea.

Ok,so I might be slightly biased,seeing as he is ridiculously attractive and he's singing my favourite song in the world ever,but I didn't think he was that bad.Much better than some of the people still in it anyway...

I'm liking Kim Rune Hagen though,he's pretty good...

However,my favourite is Åste Sem.If she doesn't win,it'll be a travesty!

Iga päevaga rohkem mul mõtteid rusub küsimus "Kus oled sa ?

If you love Eurovision as much as me,you must remember Tanel Padar winning for Estonia with the insanely cheerful 'Everybody' (well it was only 6 years ago...)Tanel's great,I remember seeing him on the BBC a few times,once on the Holiday programme when he was showing the lovely Craig Doyle around Tallinn,and also on the fabulous documentary Estonia Dreams of Eurovision,and he seems like a rather cool guy.He was also the first Europop person I ever had a minor obsession with :)
Anyway,he's certainly not bubblegum pop material any more,he's all rock.However,he still managed to fit in this fantastic song before he went off with his band (The Sun) to make angry sounding music with guitars and things.It's called Unistus (Dream),and it's one of the first foreign language songs (apart from Eurovision ones) that I heard.
Although it's quite old now (at least 5 years anyway),this video's only just been put up on youtube.It's not as pop as the version I have,but then again he is singing it with Smilers,a rather famous Estonian rock band.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

I won't die without your love

In this awful quality video,Dima appears to be singing a song which is quite clearly Chelsi's new one.Who stole it from who I wonder?Either way,Mr K's looking hot as ever,and from what I've heard,I must say he sings it better than Chelsi.Controversial I know.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Be that someone special

How exactly did I miss this?I've been trawling youtube religiously since the announcement months and months ago that Kurt Nilsen was releasing a new album,but somehow managed to bypass this one.It's called Dance With Me,and I've seen a bad quality live version of it from some concert before.This version is much better though.As much as I love Dima and Chelsi and Aleksander,Kurt is still the King of Good Pop for me,he has the most wonderful voice ever.


So the week of Too Much Work is nearly over,I'm so happy.Still haven't quite finished my big Luxembourg essay yet,almost,but I've given up for tonight,I'll have to finish it in the morning.My Russian exam today was slightly better than yesterday's I think.Even if it was a bit weird and was about picking mushrooms...I'm now very much looking forward to the weekend.We're having a night off work tomorrow and are going to eat a lot of chocolate and watch Die Edukators (which is long overdue,seeing as we've been talking about watching it since summer),Mother and Father are visiting on Saturday (bringing lasagne and Russian newspapers),and then I'll probably just sleep for most of Sunday.Mmm,sleep....
Anyway,I've been feeling pretty rough all day,I have an evil sore throat and I'm aching lots.I think there's only one known cure for this,and that is to look at gratuitous pictures of Dima Koldun,such as this:
Ooh he's got such lovely eyes...

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

:) In fact,make that 2 :)

England didn't qualify for Euro 2008.What a shame that is...Italy on the other hand had already qualified before tonight.And now they're gonna go to Austria and Switzerland next year and show the rest of Europe how football's meant to be played :) Forza Azzurri!
Oh and congratulations to Russia as well :)

And now for something a bit trippy...

As busy as I am (I'm a third of the way through my ghastly Luxembourg essay now,hurrah),I just can't seem to stop blogging.
Efterklang is the Danish word for remembrance (or reverberation).It's also the name of an amazingly cool band from Copenhagen,who make beautiful music like the stuff I'm posting today.Never let it be said that all I listen to is Europop,because that would be wrong.My other,possibly most favourite type of music is this- I don't know what you'd class it as,but the wonderful,ethereal...stuff that Scandinavians seem to do best.I first heard of Efterklang about 6 months ago,and I have a few of their songs,although to be honest,I haven't listened to them much,given the recent Russian pop frenzy and everything.Efterklang have their own sort of sound,but you can see similarities between them and Sigur Rós,Mew (one of my favourite bands,who I can't quite believe I've never written about before),a bit of Detektivbyrån and maybe even Mugison.This song- Mirador- is their most recent.The video is intriguing-although I call it trippy,it's quite pretty in an 80s European cartoon kind of way.Anyway,I love it,it's reminded me why I love Scandinavian music so much.


My Russian exam was shocking,I couldn't remember anything,I kept speaking with an Italian accent and said 'rain' about 86 times.Grr.Oh well,listening exam tomorrow,that should be better.Let's watch Chelsi as a form of revision.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Ugh,so much to do and so little time,as the naff cliché goes.This week I have a French exam,2 Russian ones,2 hours of Polish which is getting harder and harder,EXTRA German grammar lessons and my dissertation plan thing about national identity in Luxembourg to give in.But I'm not complaining.Really :)
Anyway,the Russian music industry is still being very much celebrated in our house.This week,we're particularly loving what appears to be a new song by Dima Koldun (no surprise there).It's called Никогда (Never),and it's really nice.Keira describes it as 'festive,' which I don't think is quite the right word,but either way,my festive season would be made wonderful by the news that Dima's releasing an album soon.Who knows,maybe with all these songs that are appearing on youtube (Никогда, Я для Тебя, На Волне, Reality of Dreams...) an album might be happening in the near future?Probably not though.Maybe he should just come and do the Russian Winter Festival in London in January instead...

In other (Russian) news- I've been trying to get interested in this year's series of Fabrika Zvezd,but it's just not happening.However,I did come across this video the other day-
Mmm,Chelsi...Чужая невеста was never my favourite song of theirs (I think it was the first one they sang together on Fabrika...),but,like so many other Russian songs,it's reminiscent of 90s pop,so I listen to it anyway.And I don't know if my sources are accurate or not,but it seems this Vlad Sokolovskiy guy who's singing with them here,is rather popular.Well,whether he wins Fabrika or not,he won't be as fabulous as Dima :) Anyway,he sings this rather well.And with hair like that,he could easily be a replacement for Roman if he was ever to leave the band :)

Friday, 9 November 2007

круто ты попал на ТВ...

Just a quick post before I have to run off to linguistics.A while ago,Poster Girl mentioned the song 'This Is Life' which was done by all the contestants on last year's Norwegian Idol.Well this is a song done by all the contestants of last year's Fabrika Zvezd,it's the theme tune of the programme,but this version was a special one done for the birthday celebrations of the TV channel it was on.(I think).Either way,it's so damn catchy,it's quickly becoming one of the most played songs at Europop Mansions.Which is great for me and Keira,but something tells us our other housemate doesn't share the same enthusiasm for cheesy Russian pop...

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Only in dreams we'll live the way we want to live

In all the recent Chelsi frenzy,I feel like I've neglected Dima Koldun somewhat.After all,he's the one who I technically named this blog after.So here's his new song,which I shamefully only found out about last week.It's a bit different,quite un-pop really,unlike his recent fabulous song Na Volne.I love Dima's Russian songs,but it's nice to hear him singing in English for a change as well.And I quite like the words to this one.
There's no proper video as yet,but as usual,there are many different versions with lots of lovely pictures.This is my favourite one.After about 5 pictures you'll see why :)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

С Днём Рождения Меня!

It's my birthday today,which I think is a good enough reason to put up a nice picture of Chelsi.They just love to take their clothes off :)Mmmmmmm.....
Anyway,I've just Poster Girl has written about Romanian dance music lately,which is exactly what I've been meaning to do for a long time.Thanks to my lovely Romanian friend,I've got probably a few hundred Romanian songs on my computer,my favourite band being Akcent,who tried unsuccessfully to represent Romania at ESC in 2006 with the catchy Jokero.They're also,erm,responsible for the song Kylie,which seems to be pretty famous,and King of Disco,with fabulous lyrics previously never heard in a pop song- "I'm a young single man at the age 25 Ex-communist, I search American life".
The song I'm posting today though catches the boys in a more sensitive and romantic mood.I'm not sure what the title means,but apparantly the song is all about having a soul mate waiting for you wherever you are in the world.Nice.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Ég vil ekki vera svona,ekki sitja og bíða og vona

Today's gratuitous Chelsi picture is actually just of Arseniy.Because he's the loveliest of them all :)

Anyway,as hard as it may be to believe,I have actually been listening to bands other than Chelsi in the last few days (not many,but some).And I've recently rediscovered Írafár,whose lead singer is none other than the fabulous Birgitta Haukdal who of course represented Iceland at Eurovision in 2003 with one of my favourite ESC songs ever- Open Your Heart.At one point Írafár were one of my favourite bands,but then I just kind of forgot about them somehow...Anyway,my favourite song of theirs is probably the big and dramatic Allt Sem Ég Sé,but instead I shall post the video to Ég Sjálf.Mostly because it's a much happier,poppier song,and the video isn't half as strange as the Allt Sem Ég Sé one.
Not sure exactly what Ég Sjálf is all about,although the chorus translates as something along the lines of "I don't want to be like that,I'm not gonna sit around and wait and hope,I'm just gonna be myself."Something like that anyway,I don't really know,I don't speak Icelandic (unfortunately).But it's generally very happy,uplifting,and I love to sing it very loudly when I'm cleaning the kitchen and no one else is home :)

I feel like I must just add another Chelsi video at this point.I seem to have acquired a taste for foreign language rap lately,what with Curse,the German Prison Break theme tune,and Snook's wonderful Inga Problem (thanks to Europe Crazy for that one!),and now it seems I've moved onto the Russian stuff.
Для Тебя (For You) was (partly) written by Dennis Petrov,who is my second favourite member of Chelsi and one of my favourite people from last year's series of Fabrika Zvezd :) The lyrics are quite sweet I suppose- "Everything is for you,the sun and the moon shine for you" etc etc... See,15 months of Russian lessons must have done me some good :) Not quite sure why everything's so red in this video,or what the stylists were thinking putting them in these naff outfits,but we like it all the same.And Arseniy has a nice solo bit in the middle :) They're not miming,honestly.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

More Chelsi goodness

It's all go here at Europop Mansions,what with preparations for my Eurofabulous birthday party next Friday,we've been busy shopping (in the fashion hotspot that is Woking- I am now in posession of THE most fabulous dress ever),and making wonderful decorations for the front room.Oh,and we've been doing a bit of work for our degrees.Just a bit.But of course we've let nothing get in the way of our Chelsi frenzy.I'm claiming that it has educational value for me,and is getting me motivated for my horrendous 5 hours of Russian Grammar lessons and 2 grammar tests this week :)

Anyway,having downloaded practically every video of everything there possibly is in the way of Chelsi,I've decided this is probably my favourite one.

Я шагаю по Москве it seems comes from a film (from the 1960s I think),I like the original film version of this song,but I love Chelsi's version very much :) It's been on my ipod practically on repeat for the last few days,which makes a change from Dima Bilan's Ty Dolzhna or Anžej Dežan's Vroče being on repeat.Combined with a video though,it's even more fabulous,the boys are looking rather damn lovely I must say.We also find it quite amusing towards the end when Arseniy looks visibly annoyed that Roman and Aleksei are singing a line that he obviously thought was his.
Anyway,more Chelsi goodness tomorrow probably.Enjoy!

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Apart from going out at a horrible time of morning to go to a Russian lesson that actually turned out to be cancelled,I've been stuck indoors all day and I'm sooooooo bored now!I've written notes on a boring case study about the history of language in Luxembourg,I've done 3 translations,and that's about it all day.Although me and Keira have had a bit of a Chelsi-fest today,which was good.I came across all sorts of lovely pictures of my favourite Russian boys :)
And I also found this video of what I assume is their latest song- Крылья.It's never been one of my favourite Chelsi songs,but the video's alright.It reminds us a bit of the fabulous British ex-boyband that were a1.....and Arseniy isn't wearing a top for a good proportion of it,which is alllllllways a plus :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


I've just been told that Russia beat England today.This makes me so happy :)

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Talk to my heart,whisper my name

So tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks til my birthday,hurrah!After thinking for several weeks about what I should do,and,realising that no matter how much I want to,I can't go back to Oslo,I've finally settled on having a Eurovision themed party.Well,I say party,but I don't imagine there'll actually be many people coming...Also,contrary to my,erm,predictions back in June,there's still no sign of me having a sexy and rich Siberian boyfriend (I do actually know some Russians now,but that's as far as it goes!),so it looks like the platinum and diamond ring is out of the question too.However,it should still be fabulous.We're wanting everyone to dress up as someone who's been in Eurovision,and we're even going to try and persuade one of our friends to dress up as Filip Kirkorov :) There shall also be copious amounts of our wonderful cocktail (Loving Potion) and (if we can work out a way of connecting computers to tellys) we'll have Eurovision videos on loop as well.Mostly of the Dima Koldun variety of course.
So yes,I'm now quite looking forward to my birthday.
Anyway,after a boring morning of translation,Polish grammar exercises and sociology in German,I thought I'd watch a bit of last year's Eurovision on good old NRK.It made me remember how great the Ukraine were,and how much I love Tina Karol's outfit (particularly the boots:) )

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Poor Dima!

It seems everyone likes to mock Mr Bilan.

Even his fellow Russian pop stars.

This is my favourite one though :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


So today I somehow volunteered myself to do a presentation for my Russian class in 2 weeks time.About Dima Bilan.This sounded like a good idea at the time,but then I thought,what can I actually say about him?If anyone knows anything remotely interesting about him that might also interest a group of non-Europop-loving Brits,please let me know :)
Anyway,now for something extremely cheerful.A little bit too cheerful perhaps.

I love this song!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Vsi za enega...

I have no idea what that title means,all I know is that it's Slovenian.Which means that this post can only be about one thing- the lovely Anžej Dežan :) Regulars to Work Your Magic will know of my penchant for European musical reality TV shows,so I was very excited just now when Keira sent me this video of the wonderful Mr D on RTV Slovenija's offering- Spet Doma.It was won by Omar Naber (whose Eurovision song I actually quite liked,as strange as it was),and Anžej came second.He's blatantly the more fabulous of the two though :)

Watch out for low flying Russians

Sergey Lazarev is seemingly a man of many talents.He also happens to be l'Europop Artist du jour here at Europop Mansions,so what better excuse to post this wonderful video of him on the Russian version of Dancing on Ice :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Sodding public transport

I'm not the happiest of metaphorical bunnies today.This is mostly because the public transport in Guildford is shocking,and seeing as I'm not really prepared to get up at daybreak to walk through Surrey's answer to Soviet Russia,I've missed my Russian lesson (well,one of them anyway),and am sat at home in the freezing cold trying to think of things to do.
Still,on the happy side of things,Aleksander With is in the semi final for the New Sounds of Europe MTV awards thingy,hurrah!What better excuse to post a lovely picture of him :)


Also,if you think your eyes can handle it,have a look at this video

I never thought I'd actually enjoy a Filip Kirkorov song,but it seems I was mistaken.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Hör mir zu, was mir in diesem Leben fehlt bist du

Let's just say that I'm appreciating a lot of German things at the moment,not least their wonderful pop music :)

Yvonne Catterfeld- Du Hast Mein Herz Gebrochen

I love this song,as much as it's normal to love a sad song about breaking up with someone...I heard it for the first time years ago (probably in Croatia) and for some reason I still feel myself drawn to the clichéd yet wonderful lyrics.I've been listening to quite a bit of Yvonne's stuff lately actually,and in general I'm thinking she's quite good.She used to be in a funky (rather badly acted) German soap called Gute Zeiten,Schlechte Zeiten,something with has become as synonymous with my holidays in the Balkans and Africa as the obligatory fit waiter...

Azad feat. Adel Tawil - Ich Glaub' An Dich

Keira introduced me to this one.It's the theme tune to the German version of Prison Break (something which I've never actually watched in any language,as much as my mother is obsessed with it).We've decided that the German language+rap+piano= a winning combination.Although to be honest,this statement is only based on this song and the wonderful Warum Nicht? by Curse...Anyway,this song has lovely lyrics,which is probably the real reason why I like it.However,as always,the internet connection here at Europop Mansions (Surrey Branch) is being painfully slow,so I can't actually find any lyrics to write here.

Culcha Candela- Hamma

Why I like this song,I have absolutely no idea.As Keira correctly identified,if it was in English,I'd hate it.Seems the Germans are having a strange effect on me.Anyway,I have it on good authority that 'Hamma' in fact means 'cool/very good/fabulous.' I prefer to go with the latter translation,as I really like the idea of a hip hop song called Fabulous :)

Ooh,and in other news,I'm very excited,because not only am I now a member of the Polish Society at my university,I'm also starting my Polish course in 2 weeks time.Happy times!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Tu me parleras d'avant,de ton Espagne,de ton enfance

Today has been a wonderful day (apart from the fact that I discovered I have to spend 45 whole pounds on Russian textbooks.NOT happy about that...),but not only has the weather been rather fabulous,I saw some Norwegian men (you don't see many of them around here),and,most excitingly,I finally got Jonatan Cerrada's second album.I've listened to it about 6 times already,I'm liking it more than Siempre 23,although I didn't think I would.I'm particularly loving Amore,not least because there's some Italian lines in it (and it seems Italian in a French accent is very sexy indeed).I also like Pas Le Temps (I think that one is about as rock as Monsieur C is going to get.I hope so anyway),and Un Dimanche d'Automne is a lovely song,possibly my favourite one so far.
I've also acquired about 70 new Romanian pop songs,but I shall write about them another time,as I need to go and wash my hair now.I'm meeting some Russians tomorrow.I'll try hard not to scare them by banging on about Dima Bilan...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I know I'm nothing without you

I'm so bored at the minute.I've had 3 hours between lectures today and have been trying desperately to find things to do.So I went to Tesco,sat in a grotty park for a while,read some Norwegian magazines...and I still have 15 minutes left :/.So I thought I'd come up here to the Language Centre and do a blog.Well,surely there's a tenuous link between my degree and Europop somewhere :) This is Call Me by Anna Vissi,I know it's old but I only discovered it last night.Either way,I think it's cool.I can see why some people compare her to Madonna,although Anna is of course,far more fabulous.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Europop of the Week

The Jonatan Cerrada frenzy has subsided a bit for now.Until those lovely people in Germany send me La Preuve du Contraire anyway :) So I've been listening to some other things this week,namely these...

Lichtenfels- Sounds Like A Melody

I heard this a lot when I was in Croatia a few years ago,on the German music channels anyway (I love VIVA,it makes a holiday even better).It samples the original by Alphaville (check out that video too,it's weird),but I'm thinking this version is actually infinitely better,which isn't usually the case for songs that sample other songs.(Thank God I'm studying European languages,my English is awful!)But anyway,for a country where mainstream music is more on the rock side of things,the Germans also make some pretty good dance music.

Dima Koldun- Na Volne

It's been far too long since I've mentioned Dima Koldun on here.I've been meaning to write about this song for a while actually,but keep forgetting.It's a proper pop song,a bit more reminiscent of Dima Bilan than Mr K I think.Now I do like Dima's 'rockier' stuff like Get Up Get Down and that duet Still Loving You that he did with Scorpions on Fabrika Zvëzd,but let's face it,you can't beat a good old bit of pop :)

Nek- Se Una Regola C'è

I'm not too sure why I'm putting this one on here,I haven't listened to it for absolutely years (well about 5 years anyway),but I just came across it last night and remembered how cool it is.I love my Italian pop,and I just hope my mother will bring me some good stuff back from Sorrento.Admittedly,this isn't the greatest version,it's pretty long,and to be honest,I'm not the biggest fan of live versions of songs,not pop ones anyway.Still,I quite like it.

Sportfreunde Stiller- Ein Kompliment

Not exactly Europop,but I'm loving it all the same,if only because it contains the best,well,compliment ever- "you're the sweet aisle in my supermarket".Poetry!

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Everyone's favourite Belgian :)

So I'm back in our new and fabulous house in wonderfully overcast Guildford,and we've been in a bit of a Jonatan Cerrada frenzy for the last few days.I've finally got round to buying La Preuve du Contraire,and it should come next week,so that's something to look forward to (I hope).
Myself and Keira have been quite taken with this song (the video's quite nice as well :) )

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Spanish music (possibly coz I don't speak Spanish),but I'm thinking this is rather good.I'm looking forward to the third album anyway.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Am I really what you idolise?

There are many jobs in the world that I'd like to do.I'd like to be a translator for Interpol or an EU organisation.I wouldn't mind being a multilingual journalist for VG in Oslo.And I'd love to be Aleksander Denstad With's backing singer (amongst other things).But unfortunately for the minute,I'm stuck (once again) with walking around Gillingham in the rain delivering cosmetics,catalogues and Chinese take away menus.My back hurts,my shoulders hurt,I've pulled more muscles than I knew I even had,and I'm getting paid bugger all :( I'm just looking forward to moving into Europop Mansions in Surrey next week,knocking up some Loving Potion and watching endless repeats of this year's Eurovision :) In the mean time though,I guess this might cheer me up...