Sunday, 2 December 2007

Hold on,I feel like I'm headed for a breakdown

Talking of Kjartan's version of Unwell,it's a Rob Thomas song apparantly (I think I know who he is).Anyway,Kjartan did it on series 2 of Idol too.

There's a lot of talking before the start,and admittedly he doesn't sing much of it,but you get the idea.
Also,while we're on the subject of Idol,this concert tonight(which I shall watch the rest of tomorrow and no doubt comment a lot more on the people in it later),seemed to feature Gaute Ormåsen quite a lot.He came second in the first series,losing out to Kurt,but I'd never actually heard him sing before tonight.This song though,Kjærlighet Er Mer Enn Forelskelse (which I think means something like Love is more than just falling in love...not sure,haven't studied Norwegian for far too long),is very nice indeed.It's from his second album,the imaginatively titled 'G for Gaute.'I like it mostly because it seems pretty rare to find Norwegian pop songs in Norwegian,and so it sounds like it's sung with more feeling than it probably would be in English.Also though,I love his accent,and the video's really sweet.

Just an afterthought- is it just me or does he sound like Jakob Sveistrup?

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