Monday, 26 November 2007

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Today is Prohor Shalyapin's birthday,which gives me a (long overdue) excuse to write about him.If you haven't heard of Prohor (which I expect is probably the case),you've been missing out,because he's fabulous :) He was one of my favourite people on last year's Fabrika Zvezd (then again,who wasn't really?),but I've only recently been getting into his music.He did quite well in Fabrika,although from what I've heard,he wasn't exactly the most popular of the housemates.However,as great as Dima is,if the competition had been based purely on who had the best voice,Prohor would have walked it.Although to be honest,he's much more of a theatrical/musical type singer than an all round pop star like Dima and Chelsi are.
There's not too many videos of him on youtube,but this is a very good performance...

I would also advise you very strongly to listen to this song It's called Krugovarot,which,in the context of the chorus means 'life is crazy.' It's a beautiful song,very relaxing and sounds very optimistic too (even though I can't understand any of it,that's the impression I get).
There are many other big ballad type songs on Prohor's website,that seems to be the thing he's best at,but this one is also good.It's called Polyubi Nyeba,and it reminds me of a Balkan Eurovision song.Which is always good.
Then there's this- Vdol Pa Peterskay ,a Russian folk song,which seems to be another genre he quite likes.
Actually,looking at that,he does seem to be quite a versatile artist...I'm not quite sure what he's been up to since Fabrika,but hopefully he's doing well.And I can't say it would be anything other than fabulous if he came to the Russian Winter Festival in January :)

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