Saturday, 22 December 2007

It's Ruslan!

Some nice Belarussian (probably) has put the video of Ruslan's fabulous Hasta La Vista on youtube.OK,so the performance isn't that great,but whatever,he's in the final now.I think I read somewhere that Ruslan won Russia's Narodniy Artist competition (the same thing Dima was in before Fabrika),don't know when though.Anyway,watch this,it's soooo good!If not slightly catchy,I woke up with it in my head this morning,worryingly.Hopefully they'll hurry up and put Litesound on next.


Keira said...

Ooo, just listened to it (without video) and his voice is a lot like Dima's actually. I really like it, i would say my current fav for eurovision, but its also the only one i've heard so far, so means nothing. I'll go listen to the other one now.

Btw, I go away for two nights, and I have to sift through the archives to catch up! You've been a busy girl.

Rachel said...

Haha,yeah I know,got a bit excited about Eurofest.Get used to it though coz we'll be back in Guildford when they have the actual final!