Sunday, 9 December 2007

Until the sun comes up you can hold my hand

Interesting Fact of the Day: The Faroese name for the Faroe Islands is Føroyar,which means 'Sheep Islands'.Oh the wonders of Wikipedia.The Faroe Islands however,are also home to one of the best singer/songwriters around.I discovered Teitur Lassen about 4 years ago,about the time of his first album,Poetry and Aeroplanes.But as seems to be the case quite often,I sort of forgot about him until quite recently.
Anyway,the first song of his that I ever heard,and I think the song he's most well known for,is called I Was Just Thinking,and it's about long distance relationships.Like most of his music,it's simple,yet very beautiful and just on the right side of melancholy.You can see the video here.
Sleeping With The Lights On is also from Poetry and Aeroplanes,and it's also lovely.And quite catchy too.You can see it here
The second album Stay Under The Stars came along a whole 3 years after Poetry and Aeroplanes,I haven't heard so many of the songs from it,but I came across this one today,it's called Louis Louis,it's a bit more upbeat than the two I've just mentioned,and I could see it being quite popular in Britain actually.There's some other songs from this album on Teitur's MySpace page.

As well as releasing the 2 English language albums in America (and Canada as well I think),Teitur has also done a Faroese one,which was apparantly released this year in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.However,you can indeed buy it on CDWow which I may just have to do some time soon.It's called Káta Hornið (no idea what that means unfortunately),and this is what appears to be the first single from it,called Ongir Pengar (might mean something to do with money if Faroese is anything like Norwegian.Then again,I could be very very wrong).It's pretty different to the other songs I've posted on here,but it's very cool.The video's cool too,looks a bit like a Mew video I think.

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Keira said...

Ooo, im scared to watch the last video you've posted. The still looks a bit too much like a Linda song...