Thursday, 29 November 2007

What time is it? It's Chelsi time!

I know I've posted about Samaya Liubimaya about 300 times,but I found a very recent (actual live) performance of it just now and thought I should share.So,just in case you still haven't heard the greatest Russian pop song of the past...2 years(?),here it is.Not the greatest visual quality ever,and there's some naughty Russian people talking over it at some points,but they're still vocally very good.

And unless I'm very much mistaken,there's a new album coming out this weekend,which is quite exciting.Only heard one song from it so far,and I can't say I like it that much,but I'm sure it'll grow on me.We're still sending telepathic messages to Victor Drobysh too,telling him to do the right thing and send the boys over for the Russian Winter Festival.He'd better be listening!

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