Saturday, 1 December 2007

Not again!

I'm so stupid.After going on last night about the special Idol programme they're showing tonight,I've just discovered (halfway through the programme) that I can in fact watch it online.Grrrrrrrrrrr! Oh well,I don't think Kurt's been on yet,so that's a good thing.

* He's on now,he's singing Dance With Me,and it's very good :)
* Mmmm....Aleksander's just sung Glorious by Andreas Johnson.I'm in love.Sorry Chelsi,I've moved on!
* Kjartan Salvesen really is fabulous.He's just done a song called Unwell.Never heard it before,but it's really good.


Poster Girl said...

Oooo...Aleksander and "Glorious"? Amazing singer and amazing song? That better show up on YouTube! I hope it went well.

It's good to know Kjartan is still getting to do promo somewhere--like you said a while ago, I don't know why Norway doesn't like him more (sales-wise).

Rachel said...

Well I thought he might have sang the whole song,but unfortunately he only did about 30 seconds of it :(
It seemed like a really good concert generally though,so yeah,hopefully there'll be quite a few bits on youtube soon.