Sunday, 23 November 2008

Arrivederci,amore ciao

It's come to one of those times again where I'm completely off of music.I find Scandinavian pop highly overrated these days,Russian stuff bores me,and I've listened to all my German stuff to death in the last few weeks.Just downloaded a whole load of Sigur Rós soundtrack songs too,but even they're not doing it for me.(Oh,by the way,they came from FTP sites that Sigur Rós actually link to on their official site.How cool?).I've had loads of ideas for things to write about,but just haven't really had the time or imagination to bother.So I think it's time for a bit of a hiatus.In the meantime though,here's one song I do still really like...

She's so cool.I want to be as cool as her :)

Well,bye bye for now then I suppose.If you miss me that much and want to read about what a thrilling time I'm having here in northern Germany with my seemingly Mute Housemate,you can always have a looky at my other blog.I haven't lost my ability to moan about everything,it's OK :)

Monday, 17 November 2008

WYM Official Top 10: Week 7

10: Monica Naranjo- Europa (modern day masterpiece)
9: Euroband- This Is My Life
8: Teitur- Tokspor
7: Annie- I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me
6: Sergey Lazarev & Timati- Lazerboy (may be a funky cool dance tune,but the lyrics are as Russian Pop as anything :) )
5: Philipp Poisel- Wer Braucht Schon Worte
4: Philipp Poisel- Unanständig (will it ever leave the top 10? Mmm...unlikely I think)
3: Charlotte Perrelli- Addicted
2: Giusy Ferreri- Insieme a te non ci sto più

Oh come on,you knew it was coming...

1: Vlad Topalov- Perfect Criminal

Saturday, 15 November 2008

God bless Russia!

You might have got the impression from WYM that I'm a bit of a fan of all things Russian.In that case,you'd be right,and I can now add Russia's judo-loving ex-President/current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the list of cool things iz Rossii.Apparantly Andrew Lloyd Webber went to Moscow "to discuss bringing credibility back to the competition" (imagine that morning chez Putin- "so what appointments do you have today?" "Well,we're meeting to discuss the possible loan for Iceland,then there's the vote about extending the term of Presidency,but probably won't be able to stay til the end,coz Andrew Lloyd Webber's coming over at 12 to discuss Eurovision.He don't like to be kept waiting.").Anyway,Mr P said he's going to vote for the UK.Which is nice,someone has to!

Vlad vs Sergey- who's the Perfect Lazerboy?

So,the recent weeks have seen both ex-Smash boys release new singles.But which is better?There's only one way to find,not a fight,I'm going to write about them both.

Oh,by the way,talking of Smash,it'll soon be time to drag out this little gem again.Love it :)

I've never given Vlad a chance really.What with all the stuff I'd read about him regarding the breakup of Smash etc,and the one song of his I'd heard (The Dream I think it was),I decided I didn't like him much.But the other day,Keira told me the video to his new song Perfect Criminal was out and I thought I'd have a watch.I've been listening to it an insane amount ever since- it's so so catchy.I've been really getting into electropop lately (I blame BiS).It's a bit Brother oh Brother lyrically,but infinitely more funky.The most important thing you need to know about it is that it contains clappy bits,which is always a good thing.Oh,and my favourite bit probably is at 4.10,where you think it's ending,but in fact carries on for another half a minute,being all groovy and wonderful :) The video is erm,a bit weird to say the least.Vlad is a bad boy and tries to escape from prison,and ends up getting quite a harsh punishment...However,it also features some rather cool dancing- although Vlad will never be the discotastic dancing genius that Sergey is :)

As for Sergey...Well I've never really been a big fan of his,until Girlfriend.I wanted him to win the Russian national final- I've said it (more than) once,so I can say it again: Flyer was sooooo much better than Believe! Anyway,yeah,but despite my supporting him there,there weren't too many of his songs that I really liked.I'm very into him these days though.I've posted Lazerboy on here before I think,but now the official video is out,at last.If you like leather,it's one for you.Like the video to Perfect Criminal,it's a bit weird,but not in the same way...Also like Perfect Criminal,it's the chorus that really gets to you.It's such a simple chorus but oh so catchy.It's in Russian and I have no idea what it's all about,but because the beat and the rhythm etc are so strong,I forget it's in Russian a lot of the time.Loving the laser noises at the end too :)

So which is best? Well let's be honest,they're not that much different are they? But for now at least,I think Vlad has the edge.Must be the claps that do it...

Friday, 14 November 2008

Gotta love VG...

So Lene Alexandra has just won Norway's Skal Vi Danse- VG's headline is "Your moves,your moves,your moves are OK." Love it!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

It's either me or her

I've never been a fan of Norwegian saccharin-pop princess Annie,but I am loving this song at the minute.I found it on the fabulous Norwegian site Girlfriend,which is full of fashion,showbiz news and other cool things.It's called I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me,and it's a very funky little tune indeed.With different lyrics,I don't think this would sound out of place on Sergey's TV or Radio album.Incidentally,the lyrics are great,and remind me of a situation I experienced a while ago.I wasn't the "me" or "her" though,just an observer,if you get what I mean.So the concept of the song amuses me :) Oh,and the ringy dingy ding ding ding bit will be in my head for ages...

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

WYM Official Top 10: Week 6

10: Marie Picasso- Out of My Hands
9: Charlotte Perrelli- Hero
8: Euroband- This Is My Life
7: Teitur- Tokspor
6: Charlotte Perrelli- Black and Blue (one of the most gorgeous ballads ever.Fact)
5: Vlad Topalov- Perfect Criminal (more about this little "Ohrwurm" later)
4: Philipp Poisel- Unanständig
3: Dima Koldun- Poezd na Yug (still loving the intro :) )
2: Philipp Poisel- Wer Braucht Schon Worte

I've been listening to CP's album quite a lot this week,as you can probably see.I never got round to reviewing it...No surprise there.Anyway,Black and Blue is by far my favourite song from it,but I'm loving this one a lot at the minute- love the lyrics,the's grown up pop I think :)

1: Charlotte Perrelli- Addicted

Sunday, 9 November 2008

And who are you to judge me?

itunes on shuffle is a wonderful thing.It's just reminded me of one of my favourite ESC songs.2003 was a great year,but Croatia's entry Više nisam tvoja (I'm no longer yours) was one of the best I think.I remember fancying the blond dancer who stands behind Claudia when they're doing the weird line thing.He's camp as anything,but that's never put me off :) Claudia herself is also fantastically gorgeous and cool.If I was that way,never mind.Anyway,here's the performance from ESC,complete with pretty crap choreography and awful outfits.And I love love love their accents when they switch to the English version (I Can't Be Your Lover) at the end :)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

It hurts when I hear your songs but can't be with you

Unanständig has appeared on this blog many a time.I love it but it was the only song of Philipp Poisel's that I had.However,mummy bought me his fabulous album Wo Fängt Dein Himmel An? (Where does your heaven begin) for my birthday and I can't stop listening to it.It's a bit Teitur-esque I suppose,although the music isn't quite as varied as Teitur's is on his albums.However,like Mr Lassen,it's all about the lyrics with Philipp.Now I realise most WYM readers probably don't speak/read German,and although I'm a translator (sort of anyway),it's always difficult translating songs to make them sound just as good in another language.So I'll just summarise where necessary :)

The title track isn't necessarily one of my favourites,I don't understand it too much either,but musically it would fit right in on Poetry and Aeroplanes I think.And I like the video too.

Irgendwann (Some day) is a gorgeous song musically and lyrically.It's about missing someone and not knowing when/if you'll see them again,but thinking about them all the time- "when I'm standing on the platform in the morning/when I look out the train window" etc etc.The best line though has to be "and when the wind blows northwards,that's when I miss you."Doesn't that just belong in a Russian pop song?!

Then there's Wie Du,which is where the post title comes from.It sounds like it could be on the soundtrack to some angsty teenage drama.He even says "Angst" in the chorus (which of course means "fear" in German,but anyway...)Again it's about missing someone,although I'm not quite sure whether that's because he's split up with her or just wants to be with her or what.

Unanständig is still one of my favourites,even more so now I know what it means.The first line "they ask you where you're from but never tell you anything about themselves" sums up life for a foreigner in northern Germany I think.I like the whole sentiment though- "we love eachother how we want to,let the people think what they want,let them see that I want to be "indecent" with you,do crazy things with you and kiss you whenever I want."*Sigh* If only life was so...

My favourite one of the minute though is Wer braucht schon Worte (Who needs Words),which is about getting to know someone briefly ("we shared our life for a few days and weeks") but them having an impact on you afterwards all the same.The point is that you might not know much about eachother and might not speak much ("I know your language but you don't know mine,I don't know your country and you don't know mine") but in the end "who needs words when you can kiss/have eyes to see/have hands to feel" und so weiter as we say over here :) Extra points for this song due to the fact he mentions the Baltic ("I never went to see you in your city on the Baltic coast,and you never came to see Stuttgart") Well,why would she- Schleswig-Holstein is where it's at! Ugh,I'm such a militant northerner these days.Anyway,the song...

Friday, 7 November 2008

Every minute my love for you gets stronger

So not only is Dima K involved in this rock opera thing,he's still got time to churn out brilliant Russkiy-pop.This is Poezd na Yug (Train to the South) and it's great.As always he's talking about good and evil etc etc,but that it doesn't matter because he's on his train going to see someone he loves.Awww.Why don't you get a train to the west and come and see me Dimka?I'd make you happy :) Deutsche Bahn has offers on trips to and from Belarus too,so I read today.Don't do it tomorrow though,I'll be on one to the north.Think it's about time I checked out Flensburg and the rude bakery staff :)

Edit: How fabulous is that intro exactly?I love it!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008