Saturday, 13 October 2007

Talk to my heart,whisper my name

So tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks til my birthday,hurrah!After thinking for several weeks about what I should do,and,realising that no matter how much I want to,I can't go back to Oslo,I've finally settled on having a Eurovision themed party.Well,I say party,but I don't imagine there'll actually be many people coming...Also,contrary to my,erm,predictions back in June,there's still no sign of me having a sexy and rich Siberian boyfriend (I do actually know some Russians now,but that's as far as it goes!),so it looks like the platinum and diamond ring is out of the question too.However,it should still be fabulous.We're wanting everyone to dress up as someone who's been in Eurovision,and we're even going to try and persuade one of our friends to dress up as Filip Kirkorov :) There shall also be copious amounts of our wonderful cocktail (Loving Potion) and (if we can work out a way of connecting computers to tellys) we'll have Eurovision videos on loop as well.Mostly of the Dima Koldun variety of course.
So yes,I'm now quite looking forward to my birthday.
Anyway,after a boring morning of translation,Polish grammar exercises and sociology in German,I thought I'd watch a bit of last year's Eurovision on good old NRK.It made me remember how great the Ukraine were,and how much I love Tina Karol's outfit (particularly the boots:) )

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