Thursday, 20 December 2007

A fabulous musical year: Revisited

It seems a good time to write about some of the highlights of the year, as generally seems to be the fashion at this time. So for the next few days, Work Your Magic is probably going to be somewhat of a listmania :)
I thought I’d start with a bit of a countdown of my favourite songs of 2007. I’ve put a lot of thought into it, because although I’ve heard so many good songs this year, a lot of them are actually old (well, older than a year anyway). That’s why many of my absolute favourites (like Krugovarot, Vroce and Samaya Liubimaya) are not mentioned. Anyway, I’ve managed to come up with 10, well sort of anyway. You’ll see.

10: Dima Koldun- Ya Dlya Tebya

Dima can do no wrong. I don’t think there’s a song he’s done that I don’t like. He’s done some great stuff since Eurovision, Na Volne is cool, Nikagda is lovely if not a bit on the sad side, Reality of Dreams is also wonderful… however, I think this is my favourite one of the lot, if only because I love the guitar intro, and can’t help singing along to the first few (high and squeaky) bits :)

9: Tone Damli Aaberge- Fever

I’d heard of Tone before the VG Lista concert in Oslo this summer but hadn’t taken much notice. I discovered that I actually really like her voice though, and this is a really good song, bit different to your average pop song I think. I must say, I still haven’t listened to anything else of hers (apart from the couple of performances on Idol Gir Tilbake), but I will do. Eventually.

8: Dima Bilan- Number One Fan

“They call me Dima Bilan, Dima Bilan, D-D-Dima Bilan”. Hardly Ola Salo or Teitur class lyrics, but I’ve got used to them now. When I first heard Number One Fan, my first reaction was something like- “oh Dima, what have you done?” But for some reason I kept listening to it and now it’s ended up one of my favourite songs of the year. Why? I don’t really know. But it is funky and catchy, and although to be honest, I don’t think all his working with Timbaland and English language stuff is going to get him very far (unfortunately. If any Russian’s going to make an impact in Britain or America, it’ll be Sergei Lazarev), I still think it’s good that he’s trying. Can’t wait to see him next month in London either :)


Keira said...

I'm surprised you put number one fan on there. Is a bit of a house/uni anthem tho :) And choosing Dima K's best is very hard indeed. Might actually have gone for nikagda. (Btw, he looks like a woman in that picture - he has boobs!)

Rachel said...

I'm surprised I put Number One Fan on there too,I only really started listening to it after the "oh no" thing!Hehe,I will not hear a word against Dima,I thought he looked rather fetching in that jumper :) Thought you might have chosen Nikagda,it is fabulous but I think Ya Dlya Tebya has much more singalong potential (ie,I know more of the words to it)

Anonymous said...

dima koldun you are ALWAYS the besttt ;)
btwn,where are u from?:D