Wednesday, 21 November 2007

And now for something a bit trippy...

As busy as I am (I'm a third of the way through my ghastly Luxembourg essay now,hurrah),I just can't seem to stop blogging.
Efterklang is the Danish word for remembrance (or reverberation).It's also the name of an amazingly cool band from Copenhagen,who make beautiful music like the stuff I'm posting today.Never let it be said that all I listen to is Europop,because that would be wrong.My other,possibly most favourite type of music is this- I don't know what you'd class it as,but the wonderful,ethereal...stuff that Scandinavians seem to do best.I first heard of Efterklang about 6 months ago,and I have a few of their songs,although to be honest,I haven't listened to them much,given the recent Russian pop frenzy and everything.Efterklang have their own sort of sound,but you can see similarities between them and Sigur Rós,Mew (one of my favourite bands,who I can't quite believe I've never written about before),a bit of Detektivbyrån and maybe even Mugison.This song- Mirador- is their most recent.The video is intriguing-although I call it trippy,it's quite pretty in an 80s European cartoon kind of way.Anyway,I love it,it's reminded me why I love Scandinavian music so much.

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