Sunday, 2 December 2007

A million pleasures but no satisfaction

Today I thought it was about time I wrote about one of my favourite bands of the past 6 years or so,and my favourite Latvian band ever- Prata Vetra.Or Brainstorm,whichever you prefer.If you already know them,it's probably because of their...interesting performance on Eurovision 2000.They must have done something right though,seeing as they came 3rd and everything.Actually,My Star is a nice pop song.Probably very typically Eurovision though,I can't imagine it actually being played on the radio anywhere.

As for the rest of Prata Vetra's songs,it's quite hard knowing where to start in terms of what videos to post.They've been around since 1989,which is an insanely long time,and have released a very impressive 15 albums.It seems that most of my favourite ones (Issavienojums,French Cartoon,Heart's Desire,Puse No Sirds,Es Varetu Iet Lidz etc etc)were either not released as singles,or just don't have videos on youtube.So I've chosen 3 of my other favourites that do.

Thunder Without Rain comes from the latest album- Four Shores.I love the intro to this song,and although I don't really know what it's all about,I can't help but sing along to it whenever it comes on.

Tu Izvēlējies Palikt (You Chose To Stay) is from the 1999/2000(?) album Among the Suns and is the Latvian version of Welcome to My Country.It's a very pretty song,although I'm a bit confused about why it was used in a promo video for the Latvian Tourist Board.The lyrics (to the English version anyway) go 'welcome to my country,but here you don't belong...welcome to my country,here you're bound to fall.'So it seemed like a bit of a strange choice...Anyway,this is a live version from a Latvian festival.

Waterfall is from the 2002 album- Online.Which is actually a pretty good album,that's where Maybe is from too (the video of which I've posted here before).Again,this is nice,happy,inoffensive pop.I like it :)

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