Monday, 24 December 2007

WYM Europop Advent Calendar: Christmas Eve!

So.There's been some pretty awful Christmas songs on this blog in the past 3 weeks,but I thought I'd save the best for last.It's a favourite of ours at Europop Mansions Surrey Branch,because it's just a bit mad.George Michael had his camp moments but this is quite something- it's everyone's favourite all-male former Russian pop duo Smash singing Last Christmas.What are the dodgy silver fluffy coats about I ask?And what has Vlad taken to make him so hyperactive?And why have they nicked Ola's black and white whirly thing from Eurovision?

If I'm not back on here before,have a fabulous Christmas and a Eurotastic new year :)

1 comment:

EuropeCrazy said...

What a camp, glittery tinsel-tastic finale to your advent calendar!

Hope you have a great Christmas and am looking forward to you working more of your blogging magic all the way through 2008! :-)))