Thursday, 20 December 2007

Eurofest tomorrow

So it's the semi final of Belarus's Eurofest tomorrow.There are 15 songs of which 3 go through to the final (21st January) by means of what looks like quite a complex voting system.From what I've seen of the semi finalists,this is what I think...

Ruslan Alekhno- Hasta La Vista: I like it,it's a nice (dramatic sounding) pop song.Has your typical Eurovision lyrics: "Hasta la,I'm gonna miss you...maybe".Reminds me of something,I can't quite think what.Maybe a bit of I Love You Mi Vida?I'm not sure.Anyway,it's good.

Palats- Wheel of Windmill: Didn't have the English version on the video,and what they did have on there was only a few bars.Sounds quite folky and has guitars.Probably wouldn't do very well at ESC I don't think.

Litesound- Do You Believe: Ah,seems like your token song about a lost love or something.One that you could potentially wave your lighter or glowsticks to :) Very good though from what I've heard,the lead singer has a great voice.

Pincode- You Can: "Hey boy you can touch me,hey boy you can kiss me" Yawn.

Anya Sharkunova & German Titov - We are to be the first: From the angle and distance this video is at,the guy looks like Dima.Sounds a bit like him too.Again,it wasn't the English version,but I have a feeling it will probably be better in Russian anyway.Although it's not very Eurovisiony anyway.Too slow.

Gunesh- I Can't Live Without You: She's been in Eurofest before apparantly.The song reminds me a bit of Polina's 'Mama' a few years ago (I think that's the one).It's quite good.In the little interview thingy after,Gunesh said "Ya ochen lyublyu rok" I really love rock.Well that's all very well,but it doesnt tend to do to well at Eurovision.Think I like this one though.And Gunesh is pretty cool.

Lena Voloshina - That's all I feel: Mmm.Boring.

Yulia Guseva - Maybe: Moody and rocky.It's alright,but nothing special.

The Champions- Drive Me Crazy: Nyet.Bolshoi nyet.

Scandal- Everybody: No chance.I could imagine it at Eurovision though,although not for Belarus.It's very catchy I think.In the video there was a half naked man dancing around the stage in a tutu.And why not!

Victor Pshenichny - Baby blue: A man with a guitar who thinks he's it's still the 60s.Doesn't really do it for me.

Po Glazam - Girl of three thousand years: It's shockingly bad.

Oksana Kovalevskaya - Always alone: She has a nice voice,but the song sounds a bit boring to be honest.

Katrin - Follow me: As above

Dali - Silver sky: Completely unEurovision.Apparantly they've been in Eurofest before too.Probably will be next year as well.

So there you go.I won't predict anything because I'm pretty bad at that,but if I was on the jury I would definitely definitely choose Litesound and Gunesh.And probably Ruslan as well,although I don't think that'll actually happen.I don't think any of the songs are as strong as Work Your Magic,but then again,I would think that.But we shall see...If the computer is free and this link actually works,I shall be watching the semi final online tomorrow night.

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