Sunday, 28 February 2010

Don't you want me to do those things to you?

Oh Aleksei,you're so provocative *blushes*.

Quite excited about this new song from Mr Vorobyov...

Actually there's lots of musical things I'm excited about at the minute,mostly Eurovision based.If only I could find the time to write about them...Although while we're on the subject,how fab is this Eurovision attempt from Alexander Panayotov?

Russia's final is next Sunday,though I can't say I'll be watching this time around.No BiS,no Dima B,no Dima K,no Aleksei...Doesn't really seem worth it to me :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Keep of Kalessin through to the second round of MGP.Really? NRK's stream is absolutely terrible for me tonight,so I wish they'd just get on with it instead of dragging it out and doing the talky bit and making them sing again.How many go through to the second round anyway? I'm starting to get a bit worried now.Of the three qualifiers so far,I only like Didrik,and even then I don't want him to win.Although he is rather dreamy,it must be said...