Friday, 21 December 2007

Eurofest Semi Final- My thoughts :)

Eurofest is on...Lena,The Champions and Yulia have all already been on,and well,they were instantly forgettable really.
Remember the guy (German Titov),who I said looked like Dima?Well,he doesn't.Not close up.His and Anya's song is fabulous though,bit of an odd and awkward stage setup involving big red sashes,but generally it was really good.They sang it in Russian tonight,and it worked.As Eurovision duets go,this is certainly one of the better ones.I think they've got quite a good chance of getting to the final.

Ruslan has just been on too,singing Hasta La Vista (one of my other favourites from the preview video),the full version is super,I could well imagine it at Eurovision,and I think it could do quite well actually,particularly if he adds some funky kind of dancers in the background.I really want him to go through.Don't know when we actually find out the results...

I said Oksana's song was boring yesterday.It still is.But I like her dress...

Oh god,Pincode are on now.They've gone a bit Zdob si Zdub and got some old people in national dress on.Song reminds me of a really awful version of Tina Karol's Show Me Your Love.

Viktor's song isn't quite as bad as the preview suggested.Still don't like it at all though.

Having second thoughts about Gunesh actually,it's all a bit screechy and repetitive,and although the performance is good,I can't imagine anyone voting for it at Belgrade next year.Then again,I didn't think they'd vote for Molitva...

Ooh Skandal are on.Weirdest stage setup of the night,they're wearing white (very D'Nash...) and have just been joined by some people with guitars and scary monster masks,and the half naked guy in the tutu is back as well.Oh,and the lead singer has a bit of a mullet which is always a winner.I quite like this actually.Ah,now they're waving Belarussian flags...Magic!

The girl from Po Glazam is wearing a silver dress with lots of European flags on it.That's about the most interesting thing about the song.

Palats are next...wonder when Litesound will be on?They're probably saving the best for last :) Oh god,Palats are scary.This has absolutely no chance!
Dali next...oh his microphone stopped working for a few seconds,that was nice.
Katrin looks fabulous,and she sounds it too.I said this was boring yesterday but I think I've changed my mind,I could see this at Eurovision.Ooh,there's guitars too,wasn't expecting that.Good performance,involving backing dancers dressed like without shirts.

Aagh,Litesound next!Told you they'd save the best for last :) Great performance,and this guy has such a good voice...Oh I love them,they have to win!

So it's all finished votes go to Litesound obviously,Ruslan and mmm,either Katrin or Skandal,I'm not sure.I shall be back with the results as soon as I know them!


kevin (ru) said...

Results will be tonight (2 or 3 songs to qualify).

kevin (ru) said...

Actually they rewrote rules online and selected four.

Rachel said...

Ah Ok,so Ruslan did get through as well then?

kevin (ru) said...

Ruslan will certainly win the whole thing, remember my word.

Keira said...

Just searched youtube for the ones that you liked but didnt make it through. I quite liked Anya and German actually. I guess in with 23 other songs, it wouldnt be a stand-out track, but thought it was quite pretty just to listen to.