Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I need a coffee and a kitchen sink

I've been listening to the ipod even more than normal lately.It's the only company I have when I'm walking (slowly and painfully) around the streets of Medway doing my new job.Nothing seedy by the way,I work in media now.Yes that's right,I distribute little catalogue thingys and leaflets about insurance companies to over a thousand of the luckiest houses in town :) Anyway,so as I was saying,after sorting through the vast amounts of crap on my itunes and putting only the most fabulous 500 songs on the ipod (I only have a rubbish little 2GB Nano :( ),this is what's been coming up regularly that I'm really liking at the minute.

Paolo Meneguzzi- Quel Ti Amo Maledetto

I came across Mr Meneguzzi a while ago when I was in Patriotic Italian mood (although I do believe he's actually Swiss...),because the only Italian music I had was Sere Nere by Tiziano Ferro (I didn't even have Perdono),and I thought that situation needed to change.Anyway,I decided I really like Paolo,he does good pop.I bought his album Lei è,which is full of fabulousness.This however is off a different album,but it's soooooo good.Shamefully,I can't speak Italian,and don't really understand it either :( but either way,this is a sad love song.The video is...well,naff.It consists of Paolo looking pensive and reminiscent whilst playing the guitar,interspersed with shots of him packing his ex-girlfriend's stuff into a box,and also some naff shots of how great their relationship used to be.Awwww.

Prata Vetra- Maybe

Eurovision 2000 is the only one in the past 14 years that I've missed.So I'm not quite sure where I first found out about Prata Vetra.(Yeah I know they're called Brainstorm really,but being a linguist,I like to call them by their Latvian name :) )But anyway,when I did hear about them,I thought they were fabulous.I once bonded with a Latvian man who came into Tescos when I worked there over Prata Vetra and how good they are...I love pretty much all of their songs actually,(I'm really into French Cartoon at the minute,Renars sounds verrrrrrry sexy on that one,but I don't think there's a video to it so I couldn't put it up),and this is one of my favourites.It's also a very pleasant video.Although Renars could make any video look pleasant I think :)

Marie Serneholt- I Need A House

There are not enough superlatives in the English language for me to describe just how much I love Marie Serneholt.She's gorgeous,she's Swedish and she's 150% fabulous.I was never really into A Teens *shock*,but I bought Marie's album Enjoy The Ride last year,and I must say,it's my favourite album ever.It's so happy!And it brings back many fantastic memories of my trip to Oslo last year.I was so excited when That's The Way My Heart Goes came on in McDonalds on Pløens Gate that I couldn't help but sing along quite loudly :/.But anyway,this is also a super cool song.I love it!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Russian entertainment at its best?

Keira sent me this this morning,but what's this all about I wonder?

Mr Bilan is such a legend!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

If there's a cure for what I've got,then I'm not taking my medicine

I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from Russian music at the minute.As much as I love Dima,Chelsi and,erm,Dima again,I've gone back to the spiritual home of fabulous pop: Scandinavia.These are my particular favourites of the minute,most of them appearing on the new compilation album I made (called Eurofabulous),and all of which I heard at the VG Lista concert in Oslo.

Kobojsarna- Sång om Ingenting

I'm sure Sång om Ingenting means Song about Nothing...I thought Kobojsarna were Norwegian,but evidently not.Mikael,Emil and Richard are from Sweden,and I'm not sure which one the lead singer is,but he's rather hot.There's another version of this song playing on their website,it's completely undancy,and I'm not sure if I like it so much...but this version kicks arse :)

Tone Damli Aaberge-Fever

I've never bothered listening to Miss Aaberge's stuff before,but it actually seems rather nice,especially this one.Kind of saccharin yet easy listening pop,it's rather super.I like the coat she's wearing as well,although I'm not sure why she's so enamoured with the guy,he's not exactly Andreas Thorkildsen.

Albino Superstars- Popular

The video to this is possibly the weirdest music video I've ever seen.I suppose 'camp' could be one word for it...but apart from that,I don't really know how to describe it.There's some nice men in it though,and the song is veeeeeeery catchy.Oh,and I'm sure that's the Oslofjord they're sailing around.Looks suspiciously like it anyway.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Mr English

I'm intrigued by this song

It's so catchy and Eurofabulous,but what the hell is it about?I know Mr English is a Russian language school,but still,I'd like to know what he's singing...

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Gratulerer med andreplassen!

For someone who can't even ride a bike,I've been getting quite into the whole Tour de France thing.I went to see it come through Gillingham today,which I think was one of the important bits of today's stage,and I've been watching it on telly all afternoon as well.We somehow managed to miss the publicity caravan thing that came before the riders,which I was a bit disappointed about as they kept talking about it in the Medway Messenger or whatever it is,and it looked all colourful and fabulous.It was quite exciting to have a massive sporting event happen where I live,I think that's why I spent 3 hours watching it this afternoon.Don't know if I'll bother watching it again after today,but I'm supporting Thor Hushovd.Mostly because he's Norwegian and he's the only one I've ever heard of.He came second today eventually anyway,which was good.And a Belarussian guy came 3rd in the Gillingham sprint bit which was also quite exciting.Although I don't remember seeing him.
Anyway,everyone goes on about how hard it must be for the riders,but I'm burnt like a bitch on my back and shoulders,and I've only just got rid of a nasty,sun-induced headache.So spare a thought.

Isn't telly rubbish?

I don't know if it's just me being miserable,but there's so much crap on British telly these days.It's been annoying me for quite some time- particularly since the start of this year's Big Brother.Yeah I know I've become just a little bit addicted to what is essentially the Russian version of it with some music thrown in,but at least it's quite entertaining (and of course comes with the added bonus that Dima Koldun likes to walk around half naked most of the time :) )British Big Brother however,is possibly the most dire,pointless thing ever.I hate popular culture in British society these days.A culture that celebrates vacuous airheads for having a single-figure IQ,lauds the dense for having a vocabulary of about 3 phrases and a few 4 letter words,and looks up to people with no ambition whatsoever other than to hang around tacky London nightclubs with other Z-List nobodies.
There was some other pointless programme on ITV this evening as well,something about lyrics.It was presented by 2 naff people from Radio 1 I believe (don't get me started on Radio 1),they're probably like the new Ant and Dec or something :/ and the contestants-as the Radio 1 idiots described it-"have sung first lines of songs,next lines,but nothing will prepare them for this" What,Radio 1 idiots,what have they got to do? "In the final round they have to sing the preceding lines" Genius.Let's fill up an hour of prime time telly with an extended pub quiz round.Of course,it was quite a tense affair,with dragged out results and suitably pained expressions when they got something wrong.Naff.
I was a bit disillusioned with the whole Live Earth thing as well.Yeah it was a nice idea I guess,but does Lily Allen,Rihanna or Madonna really give two shits about climate change?Probably not.
Anyway,you'd think from my moaning that I've had a bad day.In fact,it's been rather fabulous.Started moving into my new house in Surrey today (in the Cold War era style part of Guildford with its Soviet appartment blocks),and apart from my bed squeaking like...something very squeaky,and the ant infestation in the skirting boards and the lack of hot water and gas,it's really nice.Quite looking forward to moving in properly next month now.Once I have my pink curtains and pink CD player that is :)
I've been listening to Dima Bilan quite a lot lately for some reason.I keep feeling a compulsion to listen to the masterpiece that is Ty Dolzhna.Here's Mr B in stalker mode,but looking rather damn attractive at the same time.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Oh my God!

I've also just found this on youtube Not sure what Take That have to do with anything however...I love this song,it's so naff!I remember it being on Radio Aachen 100,1 a lot when I was in Germany a few years ago and I've been trying to find it for ages.Happiness!

Pozdravljaju Sochi!

It's been a really annoying day today.Mostly because I was verbally abused by some worthless wench outside the bank in the High Street this afternoon.Stupid bitch.
Anyway,Sochi won the 2014 Winter Olympics,which I'm really happy about.I've seen the advert many times on Euronews,and it looks like rather a fabulous place.Maybe I'll be working for VG in Oslo then,and they'll send me off to Sochi to do all the ski jumping coverage,being as I speak Russian and everything.That'd be cool.
I knew that Mr Bilan had done some kind of song a while ago about the Winter Olympics and stuff,and I just found it on youtube.It's quite sweet.There's even karaoke style Russian subtitles on the bottom,although all I could really understand the first time I watched it was 'Russia' and 'cold' (and I got a 2:1 for Russian this year,how did that happen?!)Oh,and Filip Kirkorov's in it too,which is,erm,always an added bonus :/

Monday, 2 July 2007


A new Chelsi song :)

Sunday, 1 July 2007


Last night at an enthralling family party,I was asked where my boyfriend was."Erm,he's non-existent,"I replied,feeling quite ashamed.I seem to be the only member of my family over the age of 16 who's single these days.This makes me feel a bit old.My friend suggested once that we should be like them old women who live in a house with a thousand cats.I think that might have to happen.Unless of course,Dima Koldun fancies marrying a Europop-mad,common southerner,then I might be persuaded otherwise :)