Thursday, 25 October 2007


Apart from going out at a horrible time of morning to go to a Russian lesson that actually turned out to be cancelled,I've been stuck indoors all day and I'm sooooooo bored now!I've written notes on a boring case study about the history of language in Luxembourg,I've done 3 translations,and that's about it all day.Although me and Keira have had a bit of a Chelsi-fest today,which was good.I came across all sorts of lovely pictures of my favourite Russian boys :)
And I also found this video of what I assume is their latest song- Крылья.It's never been one of my favourite Chelsi songs,but the video's alright.It reminds us a bit of the fabulous British ex-boyband that were a1.....and Arseniy isn't wearing a top for a good proportion of it,which is alllllllways a plus :)

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