Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Ég vil ekki vera svona,ekki sitja og bíða og vona

Today's gratuitous Chelsi picture is actually just of Arseniy.Because he's the loveliest of them all :)

Anyway,as hard as it may be to believe,I have actually been listening to bands other than Chelsi in the last few days (not many,but some).And I've recently rediscovered Írafár,whose lead singer is none other than the fabulous Birgitta Haukdal who of course represented Iceland at Eurovision in 2003 with one of my favourite ESC songs ever- Open Your Heart.At one point Írafár were one of my favourite bands,but then I just kind of forgot about them somehow...Anyway,my favourite song of theirs is probably the big and dramatic Allt Sem Ég Sé,but instead I shall post the video to Ég Sjálf.Mostly because it's a much happier,poppier song,and the video isn't half as strange as the Allt Sem Ég Sé one.
Not sure exactly what Ég Sjálf is all about,although the chorus translates as something along the lines of "I don't want to be like that,I'm not gonna sit around and wait and hope,I'm just gonna be myself."Something like that anyway,I don't really know,I don't speak Icelandic (unfortunately).But it's generally very happy,uplifting,and I love to sing it very loudly when I'm cleaning the kitchen and no one else is home :)

I feel like I must just add another Chelsi video at this point.I seem to have acquired a taste for foreign language rap lately,what with Curse,the German Prison Break theme tune,and Snook's wonderful Inga Problem (thanks to Europe Crazy for that one!),and now it seems I've moved onto the Russian stuff.
Для Тебя (For You) was (partly) written by Dennis Petrov,who is my second favourite member of Chelsi and one of my favourite people from last year's series of Fabrika Zvezd :) The lyrics are quite sweet I suppose- "Everything is for you,the sun and the moon shine for you" etc etc... See,15 months of Russian lessons must have done me some good :) Not quite sure why everything's so red in this video,or what the stylists were thinking putting them in these naff outfits,but we like it all the same.And Arseniy has a nice solo bit in the middle :) They're not miming,honestly.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

More Chelsi goodness

It's all go here at Europop Mansions,what with preparations for my Eurofabulous birthday party next Friday,we've been busy shopping (in the fashion hotspot that is Woking- I am now in posession of THE most fabulous dress ever),and making wonderful decorations for the front room.Oh,and we've been doing a bit of work for our degrees.Just a bit.But of course we've let nothing get in the way of our Chelsi frenzy.I'm claiming that it has educational value for me,and is getting me motivated for my horrendous 5 hours of Russian Grammar lessons and 2 grammar tests this week :)

Anyway,having downloaded practically every video of everything there possibly is in the way of Chelsi,I've decided this is probably my favourite one.

Я шагаю по Москве it seems comes from a film (from the 1960s I think),I like the original film version of this song,but I love Chelsi's version very much :) It's been on my ipod practically on repeat for the last few days,which makes a change from Dima Bilan's Ty Dolzhna or Anžej Dežan's Vroče being on repeat.Combined with a video though,it's even more fabulous,the boys are looking rather damn lovely I must say.We also find it quite amusing towards the end when Arseniy looks visibly annoyed that Roman and Aleksei are singing a line that he obviously thought was his.
Anyway,more Chelsi goodness tomorrow probably.Enjoy!

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Apart from going out at a horrible time of morning to go to a Russian lesson that actually turned out to be cancelled,I've been stuck indoors all day and I'm sooooooo bored now!I've written notes on a boring case study about the history of language in Luxembourg,I've done 3 translations,and that's about it all day.Although me and Keira have had a bit of a Chelsi-fest today,which was good.I came across all sorts of lovely pictures of my favourite Russian boys :)
And I also found this video of what I assume is their latest song- Крылья.It's never been one of my favourite Chelsi songs,but the video's alright.It reminds us a bit of the fabulous British ex-boyband that were a1.....and Arseniy isn't wearing a top for a good proportion of it,which is alllllllways a plus :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


I've just been told that Russia beat England today.This makes me so happy :)

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Talk to my heart,whisper my name

So tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks til my birthday,hurrah!After thinking for several weeks about what I should do,and,realising that no matter how much I want to,I can't go back to Oslo,I've finally settled on having a Eurovision themed party.Well,I say party,but I don't imagine there'll actually be many people coming...Also,contrary to my,erm,predictions back in June,there's still no sign of me having a sexy and rich Siberian boyfriend (I do actually know some Russians now,but that's as far as it goes!),so it looks like the platinum and diamond ring is out of the question too.However,it should still be fabulous.We're wanting everyone to dress up as someone who's been in Eurovision,and we're even going to try and persuade one of our friends to dress up as Filip Kirkorov :) There shall also be copious amounts of our wonderful cocktail (Loving Potion) and (if we can work out a way of connecting computers to tellys) we'll have Eurovision videos on loop as well.Mostly of the Dima Koldun variety of course.
So yes,I'm now quite looking forward to my birthday.
Anyway,after a boring morning of translation,Polish grammar exercises and sociology in German,I thought I'd watch a bit of last year's Eurovision on good old NRK.It made me remember how great the Ukraine were,and how much I love Tina Karol's outfit (particularly the boots:) )

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Poor Dima!

It seems everyone likes to mock Mr Bilan.

Even his fellow Russian pop stars.

This is my favourite one though :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


So today I somehow volunteered myself to do a presentation for my Russian class in 2 weeks time.About Dima Bilan.This sounded like a good idea at the time,but then I thought,what can I actually say about him?If anyone knows anything remotely interesting about him that might also interest a group of non-Europop-loving Brits,please let me know :)
Anyway,now for something extremely cheerful.A little bit too cheerful perhaps.

I love this song!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Vsi za enega...

I have no idea what that title means,all I know is that it's Slovenian.Which means that this post can only be about one thing- the lovely Anžej Dežan :) Regulars to Work Your Magic will know of my penchant for European musical reality TV shows,so I was very excited just now when Keira sent me this video of the wonderful Mr D on RTV Slovenija's offering- Spet Doma.It was won by Omar Naber (whose Eurovision song I actually quite liked,as strange as it was),and Anžej came second.He's blatantly the more fabulous of the two though :)

Watch out for low flying Russians

Sergey Lazarev is seemingly a man of many talents.He also happens to be l'Europop Artist du jour here at Europop Mansions,so what better excuse to post this wonderful video of him on the Russian version of Dancing on Ice :)