Sunday, 2 December 2007

Work Your Magic presents...The Amazing 2007 Europop Advent Calendar Thing!

Ok,it's a day late,but that's because of technical problems yesterday (ie,stupid youtube took down the video I was going to post.Grrrr.)
So yes,it's December,which means the countdown to Christmas (whether you like it or not,and to be honest- I don't) has begun.So in the festive spirit,I've found 24 (well 23 now) of the best Europop Christmas songs around.I use the term 'best' rather loosely here you understand.
To start things off then,here's a singer I don't particuarly like singing a song I absolutely hate.
Amy Diamond- Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

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EuropeCrazy said...

Great idea! Like the Europop Christmas theme - anything (even Amy!) has got to be better than the same old Christmas songs we get subjected to year after year!!