Monday, 10 December 2007

Le vent souffle sur les plaines de la Bretagne armoricaine

I must say,as musical genres go,I've never really paid much attention to Celtic hip hop before.Especially when it's Celtic hip hop that's actually rapped in French.Sounds like a bit of a recipe for disaster really.However,I came across Manau (which is also apparantly the Gaelic name for the Isle of Man),about 2 weeks ago.They're 3 guys from Brittany who've been on the Celtic hip hop scene since 1998 apparantly.I haven't had the chance to listen to much of their stuff yet,but I've been listening to the song I'm posting today an insane amount recently.It's called La Tribu de Dana (Dana's Tribe),and is apparantly an ancient poem that's been rejuvenated in the form of rap,with the help of a few traditional Celtic instruments.Sounds a bit strange I know,but it works.It definitely works.Seems a lot of people on youtube are not too excited about the video that goes with it,but I'm liking that too.

Actually,I think I'll talk about another song of theirs.I'm assuming it's a lot more recent than La Tribu de Dana,because it's completely different to it,and the other songs I've heard from the first album.It's called Tout Le Monde.I'm not quite sure why I like it.Maybe it's still the novelty of French rap,maybe it's because it gets stuck in my head,maybe it's because the lead singer/rapper (whatever you call him,I'm not quite sure of his actual name,I must say :/ ) is looking very attractive indeed in the video.Or maybe it's a combination of all three...

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