Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Sodding public transport

I'm not the happiest of metaphorical bunnies today.This is mostly because the public transport in Guildford is shocking,and seeing as I'm not really prepared to get up at daybreak to walk through Surrey's answer to Soviet Russia,I've missed my Russian lesson (well,one of them anyway),and am sat at home in the freezing cold trying to think of things to do.
Still,on the happy side of things,Aleksander With is in the semi final for the New Sounds of Europe MTV awards thingy,hurrah!What better excuse to post a lovely picture of him :)


Also,if you think your eyes can handle it,have a look at this video

I never thought I'd actually enjoy a Filip Kirkorov song,but it seems I was mistaken.

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EuropeCrazy said...

I was watching some of Aleksander's stuff last night on YouTube and was very impressed. From what I've heard so far, it looks as if I'll be voting for him, now that my favourite Swedish musical genius didn't get through.