Friday, 8 June 2007


I hate banks and everyone who works in them. That might be a bit harsh actually. I don't hate Pam. And I don't hate Jason (I think that's his name) who works in HSBC in Guildford. But everything else to do with banks- rar,I hate it. I went to see Jason a few weeks ago (Eurovision semi final day actually), a rather attractive young man who reminds me a little bit of Morten. Probably coz his eyes are quite close together. Anyway,I wanted him to change my account coz I'm in financial shit and need an overdraft. Of course nothing's that easy,and so I had to go and see the people at Chatham HSBC today to sort stuff out, after getting a bit of an unfounded snotty letter the other day. Anyway,I can't really be bothered to go into it all,but the stupid woman at the reception bit was completely unhelpful, put me on the phone to some woman in a call centre God knows where,who had a crazy accent that I couldn't understand.She couldn't understand me either,so the whole thing was about as useful as Yana Rudkovskaya in a Dima Bilan video. Seriously, I'm usually good at understanding accents, I have to be really, but this woman was something else. And then Unhelpful Bank Woman decided to be even more unhelpful, the incompetent wench, and so I have to go back yet again next week. Rar.

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