Sunday, 10 June 2007


I'll be 21 in a few months, but does this mean I should have stopped liking boybands at least 6 years ago?Noooooooo,especially not when they're Russian boybands involving the lovely Arseniy Borodin and (not quite as lovely but still very nice) Denis Petrov.Chelsi are a product of Fabrika Zvezd 6, and I've liked this song for a while. It's called Samaya Liubimaya which sounds very pretty,I think it means The Most Loved or something.Something rather naff anyway.The video to it is also pretty naff(although it does involve Arseniy walking around rather dreamily in a forest)and I prefer this 'live' version of it.As Keira puts it "they're a bit blue and they're jumping around like madmen" which is pretty accurate. They kind of look a bit radioactive actually. I particularly like the bit at about 2,20 when Arseniy does his little solo bit and looks surprisingly angry for someone singing a soppy love song. Then there's a massive white flash (like there's been another nuclear explosion) as they launch into the last chorus. It's a risky business is Russian pop. Enjoy.

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