Thursday, 7 June 2007

Mmm....questions.I like questions's nearly 2 o clock,I'm still wearing my pyjamas,my hair's filthy,I really need a bath...but when there's pointless questions all over the internet to be answered,what's the point I ask you?! I'll probably be writing lots of crappy entries on this thing in the next few days,and then probably never use it again after next week.But hey,writing is therapy,right?

If you were nominated for a Nobel prize, what would it be for?
Ooh ooh,I've been to the Nobel Peace Museum!I went there last Wednesday.In Oslo :) It was nice.Erm,I dunno,it would obviously be something to do with Europe...I think I'd like to promote British awareness of the Central Asian republics.Dont know why,or how,but it sounds like a nice idea.Central Asia fascinates me,and I think it should fascinate you too!

What American city does not deserve a place on the map? Why?
Tut.I wouldn't know,I've never been there,nor would I like to.

Who is your most admired athlete of all time?
Andreas Thorkildsen.Just because he's hot :) Yeah,I ain't shallow! I do like gymnasts too,I think gymnastics is by far the coolest sport in the Olympics.My gymnastic ability extends no further than forward rolls and the occassional somersault.So I admire anyone who can do better than that!

What is the most common compliment that people give you?
That I'm clever :) Yeah,you know it makes sense!A lot of people think it's impressive that I know 5 languages or whatever it is,but the truth is,I'm shit at everything else,so it's not that impressive!

If you could be an expert in any one subject, what would it be?
Scandinavian languages and culture.I'm still pissed I didn't go to UCL :(

What three words come to your mind when you hear the word 'white'?
Snow,ice,hospital.Don't know where hospital came from.

What is your average bowling score?
Well the last time I went,I think I came 3rd.Not sure what I got though.I'm pretty shit at bowling.And I can still only use the orange ball coz I'm weak.

How much money would you like to be making in ten years?
Hopefully somewhere above £50,000 would be nice.I certainly couldn't imagine doing a job for anything less than 30.Of course,I hope to be working in Norway in 10 years,so £50,000 a year is a big's just that the Norwegians get taxed so much that they're left with about 3p a week to live on. *

*possibly a slight exaggeration

So there you go,your life has obviously been enriched by reading that.I'm going to wash my hair now.

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