Monday, 11 June 2007

It's Dima's birthday :)

I love this picture of Dima,how could you not love a man wearing a top that says 'fabulous'?

Today is a very special day, not only because I sold my first CD on and not only because I sort of got my results today and they were a bit better than I expected,but because the lovely Belarussian honey that is Dima Koldun is having his 22nd birthday today.Although watching him bounce around with all manner of inflatable stuff on Fabrika,you wouldn't think he was a day over 6.Anyway,look,here's a new video of him,apparantly this is his new song.It's apparantly called я для тебя which I think means something like 'I'm yours.' Mmmm.....if only :)

By the way,if you're as obsessed with Mr Koldun as I am,you'll probably notice that he appears to be wearing the same shirt that he wore for Eurovision.Yeah it's a nice shirt,but surely Filip Kirkorov could have bought him a new one,seeing as he did quite well in Eurovision and everything :)

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