Tuesday, 12 June 2007


As it was Dima’s birthday yesterday, it got me thinking that there’s not actually that long (just over 20 weeks in fact) until mine. This means some serious planning for the great occasion is needed. I’m going to be 21, so that’s something exciting in itself, but I also want the day to be the most fabulous ever, because I won’t even be in the country for my birthday next year. Which will probably suck a little bit. So these are my plans.

Obviously by the time November comes, I will have found myself a lovely amazingly gorgeous Russian boyfriend (hopefully he’ll be a sexy blond Siberian, but I’m not too fussy). And obviously, because his dad will be a ridiculously rich oligarch or something, he’ll have bought me something very very fabulous for my birthday, such as a nice big platinum and diamond ring. That would be rather cool. So that’ll be a good start.

And then of course there’ll be the party, where I’ll invite everyone I know. Well, maybe not everyone, there’s a few people I know who I rather detest, so it would be best if they didn’t come. I’m not quite sure where it’s actually going to be yet, but it shall be very big, and there will be a huge specially made dancefloor, one that lights up and stuff, and of course, there will be many, many glitterballs. Everything will be pink, the tables will most probably be covered in pink velvet stuff, or maybe just ridiculous amounts of pink glitter and sequins, I’m not sure yet. There’ll be one of them champagne fountain thingys, only with pink champagne obviously, coz it’s better. And my cake, well, it shall be like a nice wedding one, with the 3 separate cakes, and that’ll be pink as well. And possibly decorated with feathers.

In terms of entertainment, there’ll definitely be a few drag queens doing their thing. Only good ones like DQ though. I’m sure it’d be a suitably fabulous venue for her. We’ll get Anzej over from Slovenia as well to give it a bit of Vroce, and hopefully he’ll bring his cape as well so he can thrash around a bit to Mr Nobody. The other songs he does are a bit heavy for a fabulous affair such as this though, so he’d be free to go after that. Unless Keira had other plans for him, which she probably would. Then it would be time for a kick arse DJ, DJ Bobo maybe? No, maybe not. I’ve formulated a provisional playlist, although it’s rather incomplete at the minute.

ABBA- Dancing Queen: no fabulous party would be complete without it
Mihai- Tornero: Europop ANTHEM, must be played. If you don’t dance to Tornero, there’s something seriously wrong with you
Alcazar- Crying At The Discotheque: It shouldn’t just be me and Keira who know this one, I remember buying the tape of it when it came out over here years ago
The Ark- The Worrying Kind: Bit schlager, bit rocky, bit 70s, fabulous
DQ- Drama Queen: The definition of fabulous
Arseniy Borodin- Stan Moey: Did I mention my Russian boyfriend will look exactly like him?
BWO- Chariots of Fire: Camp!
Charlotte Nilsson- Take Me To Your Heaven: One of the best ESC songs EVER
Mans Zelmerlow- Cara Mia: Obviously
Sergey Lazarev- Fake: Just to make it all even more camp
Sergey Lazarev- Shattered Dreams: Just to keep Keira happy

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