Thursday, 7 June 2007

Estonia- you let me down

How disappointed was I that Estonia failed to beat England tonight? I like to see the national team lose, showing all the sad chavs that idolise them that they’re not that great after all. Being ‘a bit Italian’ I obviously choose to support my Mediterranean cousins in any kind of national sporting event. I remember last year’s World Cup, seeing England’s dismal performances- particularly against Portugal- the rubbish excuses for them losing, and the sad faces of many a chav around Medway. I found it most amusing, particularly when Italy went on to win the whole thing- Forza Azzurri!
So yes, I enjoy seeing England lose, especially when they’re playing little countries who most of the football loving population over here haven’t even heard of. I read on a few websites today (well I didn’t have anything else to do after my exciting morning of paper recycling), that they needed the 3 points tonight to have any hope of qualifying for Euro 2008. So obviously, I wanted the boys from the Baltic to win.
I’ve always been quite fond of Estonia, well, since 2001 anyway, when the lovely Tanel Padar won Eurovision in Denmark with a then record of 198 points with the naffest song you’ve ever heard. Even Tanel seems to be ashamed of doing such a thing now, I watched this interview with him on some BBC2 documentary about Estonia a few years ago (yeah,a whole programme about Estonia on BBC prime time- imagine!), and he’d gone all rock and had a new funky haircut and piercings and stuff. Clearly trying to distance himself from the associated naffness and camposity of Eurovision. I downloaded some of his new music off this dodgy Russian website the other day as well, it’s all metal and guitars and gravelly voices, most unlike the 3 minute cheesefest that was ‘Everybody….’
Anyways, I digress. I wanted Estonia to win tonight. But they didn’t. So England are gonna be in the European Championships next year. Boo!

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