Sunday, 10 June 2007

Oh dear

The Queen of Europop is not feeling quite so fabulous this evening. Well, in some ways anyway. I'm pretty happy that I got a phonecall this evening from someone I haven't spoken to for ooh...about 4 weeks? No, longer than that that was nice. However, I'm a bit snotty right now which isn't so nice, and I also got the ominous news this evening that we're getting our exam results on the 18th :S This is an event that I'm not particularly looking forward to. I mean, I have tried this year, but I am a perfectionist, I've never got anything less than an A for any language exam I've ever done, but I can see that's going to change quite soon. I was practically asleep all through my French History exam, yeah I managed to write a half decent essay about World War 2- how uplifting, but I know bugger all about religious policies in the 16th century and how they affected French society. Sigh. And then there was the godawful French Grammar exam that I did just before Easter. We were meant to get the results to that ages ago, but evidently it was so dismal that no one actually bothered informing me about it. And don't even go there with the French Speaking one! An awkward 10 minute affair consisting of me saying "je ne sais pas, je pense que c'est probablement le même en Angleterre" in answer to practically every question. Oh dear. German on the other hand was probably fine, I'm much better at German than French, although I did manage to forget to take my dictionary to some of the exams, which didn't help...and Russian, well, that doesn't really count anyway. I know (nearly) all the words to Daj Mne Silu and I know that Dima Koldun and Arseniy Borodin are fit. Surely that's all there is to know about Russian language and culture?
I used to be good at French. Maybe I could become good again if I had someone like Jonatan Cerrada to help me with it. Although I'd probably get distracted by the sexy accent, and the sexy eyebrow piercing, and the sexy hair, and oh, did I mention the sexy accent? Let's look at him...

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