Friday, 19 December 2008

Top 50- 31: Pride's the cure

BWO- Bells of Freedom

Back in September it was decided that if Queer Idol ever becomes a real programme,it will be presented by Paul from Fizzy Pop,and the ITV2 spinoff show by me.I'm sure you'll agree that's a great idea :) Now I might have an aversion to schlager,but I do love BWO- particularly their most schlagertastic Melodifestivalen stuff.Also really loving Rhythm Divine at the minute,but that's old so I couldn't count it.As well as the song itself being great,I love the fact it's this year's Europride song.Straight as I may be,anything to do with gay pride makes me all warm and fuzzy.

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EuropeCrazy said...

As an equally straight woman I agree that this also makes me all warm and fuzzy. And....the loveliness of Martin also makes it rather fab.