Saturday, 26 April 2008

Eurovision Party at the Scala: the best bits!

So of course it was the Eurovision Preview Party at the Scala on Friday night- the most fabulous and camp night out I've ever had,it was wonderful!Myself and Keira were there right up until the end (which was just as well as I'll explain later),so seeing as it would be impossible to write about everything that happened in the 6 hours we were there,I'll just mention the best bits- not necessarily in the correct order,I'm very very tired indeed this afternoon so my memory's not too great :) I think most of the videos and pictures I've got on here are either from Tris2000 or the Schlagerboys (who incidentally I did notice down the front with their Maltese flags :) )

- Era Stupendo being one of the first songs we heard when we arrived.What better way to start the evening!

- Seeing the video to Hasta La Vista on the big screen.I have changed my mind about this song since my outraged posts about the new version of it.

- Seeing Ruslan sing Hasta La Vista! We were (understandably) insanely excited when we found out Mr Alehno would be there, so this was very exciting indeed.He looked absolutely lovely (pictorial evidence included),and anyone who says he can't sing (and I've seen quite a few) is very much mistaken.He has a wonderful voice.And as for the new version,I've decided it works much better live than the original.This one is more dramatic,and means there doesn't really need to be anything else going on on stage.Here's a video of (a bit of) Hasta La Vista.

- Myself and Morena wearing practically identical outfits.I felt officially Eurofabulous :) If only I looked as Maltese and lovely as her... Actually,I think I'll put the video here as well,Vodka has never been one of my favourites from this year,but I think it was much better live.

- Euroband.We had a feeling they might be fabulous and they really were.They seemed to really enjoy themselves too.They started off with a bit of Wild Dances,then My Number One (which you can see here),and then Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit,which was quite cool.Of course though,we were very excited about hearing This Is My Life...How fabulous?I'm having committment issues with Paolo at the minute,as much as I love Era Stupendo,I'm seriously thinking of dumping him and voting for Iceland instead.

- Ani Lorak's wonderful silver dress.It was the same one she wears in the video,even though we read somewhere the other day that Kirkorov spent an insane amount of money on a new one for her.Maybe she's saving it for the night.Or maybe there just wasn't much going on in the Russian showbiz world last week and they made it up.Either way,talking of Kirkorov,we were disappointed yet relieved at the same time that we didn't see him anywhere.Maybe he was there but just in a sulk that Ani is clearly a better diva than he is.Her hair's almost as big as his too.

- Páll Óskar's suit.I've never seen such a fabulous suit,and I bet you haven't either!He sang an English version of Allt fyrir ástina which I really liked.Probably because that's the only song of his I actually know.

- The DJ using the exact same decks that we used when we DJed at the union a few months ago.

- Dancing to Hero with a lovely (if not slightly drunk) man.

- Hearing loads of fabulous songs I'd somehow forgotten about- Sahlene's Runaway, Love Isn't Love by Carola (can't remember the Swedish name), Through My Window... Also,the intro to Tornero- as Keira said "I'd recognise that wail anywhere"

- Drag queens.They were everywhere.I loved them.

But the biggest highlight of them all came at sometime between 3 and 4am.We were rapidly giving up hope that this would happen,but then suddenly..."THAT'S THE WORK YOUR MAGIC REMIX!" Not only was it the Work Your Magic remix,it was also the same one that we'd played at the union at the International Festival.It was very exciting to say the least :)


Keira said...

I think Ani Lorak's hair only looks so big, because she is actually quite small herself.

DJ Culé said...

Iceland... can easily win. They really feel what they sing!

Adrian said...

Hurrah, what a great party it was!

I was about to say I didn't remember Work your magic being played, but I had sudden flashbacks of suggestive dancing to the "I'm ready and I'm willing" bits!