Monday, 14 January 2008

RWF: "It's not the same without Dennis is it?"

The Russian National Dance show was next, which as I expected, was super. Lots of fabulous colourful costumes, oh, and they danced a bit to Vdol Pa Peterskay, which made me and Keira very happy, seeing as we love the version of that song that Prohor did, and listen to it quite a lot.

Ken Livingstone came on next. But he didn’t dance. Or sing. He just talked for what seemed like ages about bridging the gap between Russia and Britain, and then went on about fascism, although I’m not sure why. Either way his involvment would have been far more interesting if he’d have given us a chorus of Ty Dolzhna.

There were rock bands next. Sankt Peterburg were OK actually, we liked their lead singer because he was the most smiley person we’d ever seen. Zemlyane though, were awful. Well, maybe not awful, but just boring. And it was strange hearing Russian songs that we couldn’t sing along to. They really did seem to be on stage forever though. And my legs were hurting so much at that point, which didn’t help.
Then it was pop time.Kuba were next. They were on Fabrika Zvezd Series 2 apparantly. They were shockingly bad. Don’t know if it was the Hello Kitty guitar or the angel wings or the fact that they just couldn’t sing and kept screaming that put me off of them the most. They seemed to be on for ages too. I don’t think any of the crowd liked them actually, it was all pretty silent when they were on.

Fabrika were on next, doing Pro Lyubov to start with. I like that song. And then they did one that I didn’t know, and then Ne Vinovata Ya, which me and Keira like because they did it on Fabrika Zvezd with the Chelsi boys and Prohor and Dima. It was good, although there were a few sound issues at times, but we couldn’t help ourselves every time a certain bit came up, “aww, it’s not the same without Dennis is it?” “aww, that was Dima’s bit.” It was quite cool to see them though.

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kevin (ru) said...

Kuba are a girl from Fabrika 1 and another from Fabrika 5.