Friday, 4 January 2008

Don't stop dreaming coz it never gets better than this

Ugh,it seems the rumours were true and Lene Alexandra is going to be in Norway's Melodi Grand Prix in the Bodø semi final.Great.
Anyway,thought I'd just mention 2 songs that I'm really liking at the minute,by 2 of my favourite Scandinavians :)
The first one is Live For Today by the ever fabulous Kjartan Salvesen,it's from his latest album Then Silence,which seems really really good.Not sure if it's available on itunes,because every time I try and access the store bit,my computer gets stuck.If not though,it's probably on one of those nice Scandinavian music websites like cdon or something.One that only accepts the sort of credit cards that I don't have.Anyway,here's the song.It's good,very happy,reminds me of some sort of 90s Britpop or something.

I finally got Teitur's second album Stay Under The Stars on Christmas Eve I think it was.Although I haven't had a chance to listen to it properly like I did with Poetry and Aeroplanes,this is my favourite song from it.It's called Hitchhiker,and it seems he released it as a single (something with escaped my notice at the time somehow),because there's a video to it,which I also really like.It fits the song very well,not just because she's a hitchhiker,but also because it's just kind of...dark I guess.It's good.

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