Friday, 11 January 2008

I'm in love with everything you are

How excited was I when I discovered Eurosport were showing ski jumping from Val di Fiemme today?Very is the answer.I was very much looking forward to seeing the lovely and amazingly talented Gregor Schlierenzauer (look at him,he's adorable!),but I forgot,as it was a qualifying round,the top 10 jumpers in the world cup rankings didn't need to be there.So that sucked.
Anyway,I only came here to say that I won't be posting anything for the next few days,I'll be busy moving back to Surrey and celebrating Russian new year and doing yet more work on that horrible Luxembourg essay I thought I'd got rid of ages ago.I'll be back sometime next week probably,hopefully with all manner of wonderful things concerning the Russian Winter Festival.
I'll leave you with something Keira sent me.It's Tom from Jetzt Anders! (can't forget the exclamation mark),singing Anna Vissi's Everything.Not an easy song to sing- we've tried many a time in the kitchen at Europop Mansions Surrey Branch,but Tom does it really really well.No wonder the band split up,as great as they are,Tom's talent is a bit wasted in a pop group I think.Enjoy :)

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