Saturday, 26 January 2008

Exciting news from Russia

Well,it's exciting,but not necessarily news.As much as I try to keep up to date with Russian pop-world,I do fail quite a lot :) Anyway,this moody yet lovely picture of Dima K is from a new video shoot he's been doing.It's all quite mysterious,there doesn't seem to be any indication around of what this song is,or when it will be out...Still,I'm sure it'll be a pleasant surprise :) I've also read that there's going to be an album released soon.Which is about time.He's done some really good songs since Fabrika Zvezd,so it'll be nice to hear a proper album at last.
Oh,and I also found this video of him doing a song I've never heard of called Dom Khrustalniy (House of Glass) on some programme or other.I like it,it reminds me of a big Italian ballad for some reason.And he's looking gorgeous.But then again,when has he ever not looked gorgeous?And by the way,I'm sure I've seen Dima Bilan wearing that belt...

In other Fabrika based news,there's a new song on Prohor Shalyapin's website.It's called Ya Luchiy and it's really good.Probably about as typical pop as Prohor's going to get.It means 'I'm the best.' Yes Prohor,you are,I think you're fabulous.And you should come over to the next Russian Winter Festival :)


Keira said...

It is indeed a very familiar-looking belt. In fact I saw a video of Sergey earlier and I swear he was wearing one too!

Anonymous said...

lol this belt is from esc!!