Friday, 30 January 2009

Top 50- 6: I sing to be loved

Teitur- The Singer

Teitur is responsible for one of the coolest evenings I've had here.Well,OK,it was in Denmark actually.In that case,definitely the coolest time I've had in Denmark :) Although it seems like absolutely ages ago now,there are still certain bits that I remember really clearly.Umbrellas in the Rain,because it seemed like such an odd choice of song to perform,the two women who stole my little ledge that I was sitting on and subsequently seemed to feel sorry for me and gave it back,having a chat with Teitur's support act Dawn Kinnard in between Hitchhiker and Catherine the Waitress,having a little cry at I Was Just Thinking,and this song,because it was probably the one I wanted to hear the most,after seeing the video I've posted here.The video is from a Danish TV show called den. 11 time,and I think is one of the best live performances of anything ever.He didn't disappoint at Tobakken either.I think why I love The Singer is because it's so honest,and the music (in the live piano versions at least) is simple yet quite dramatic.(On the album there's a marimba type thing going on,which doesn't quite have the same effect).And listening to the lyrics,it seems I'm a stereotypical Teitur fan :) I still think he's the best singer-songwriter around at the minute,and as he mentions in this song "I sing about my loneliness and in return they thank me"- as mushy as it may sound,his music has been a big help in the last few months (there's not much I can relate to more than his first album Poetry and Aeroplanes),and yes,I do thank him for it.

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