Sunday, 1 March 2009

ESC so far Part 2

Ireland: With the exception of Dustin last year,I think I've hated everything Ireland have ever done,and will continue to do so until they do the right thing and send The Corrs.I also hate girlie "rock" groups and songs with stupid titles.So Et Cetera really does nothing for me.Verdict- HATE

Latvia: Like EuropeCrazy,I long for the days of Prata Vetra and good Latvian entries.OK,actually I've liked probably every one since 2000,but I hope Sastrēgums doesn't mark a turning point for Latvia to start falling into oblivion.Verdict- HATE

Lithuania: I find Sasha endearing because he looks like a proper Medwegian at times.I do really like his voice,and the piano,but in general,the song really isn't memorable.And it will be even worse in Moscow,because he's singing the English version.I've seen the lyrics.It's not good.Verdict- I'm not too sure actually,somewhere on the border between like and dislike(this really is a bad year),but I think I have to say DISLIKE

(FYR)Macedonia: There's always one song that I really like and no one else does.And that song usually comes from Montenegro.But I really do like this 80s rock thing.It's so happy,I don't understand what's not to like.Verdict- LOVE

Malta: As a friend of mine would say,this is EPIC.Sounds like something from a Disney film to me really.But Chiara does have a very nice voice.However, Verdict- DISLIKE

Moldova: Just a little bit too on the ethnic side for me I think.Verdict- HATE

Montenegro: Andrea is gorgeous,this always helps.But the song itself is great- so energetic,dramatic and all round fabulous.Verdict- LIKE

Netherlands: When I heard De Toppers were going to Moscow,I was worried.When they enlisten Jeroen Van Der Boom,I felt better.But I still wasn't expecting this.They show that you don't have to take it too seriously,but at the same time,can still produce a good song too.They're all good singers,as are the backing singers,and the chorus is great (important for me this year),and it has the perfect ending.And I'm loving the tin foil outfits too.Verdict- LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Norway: Alexander is of course biologically Belarussian (and incidentally,also all over VG the last few days),so I love him for sticking to his Eastern roots with this song.It's ethnic with a twist,and although it's taken a while for me to get used to,I think it could do quite well in Moscow.Which is an opinion shared by quite a few people I think.Violins may have been my enemy last year,but I've made peace with them this year :) Verdict- LOVE

Poland: Talking of violins...Isis is the queen of Polish ballads for me,but this really isn't bad.I definitely prefer it to the Icelandic one.Lidia has a proper belter of a voice,unlike Jóhanna,who I find a bit whiny.Verdict- LIKE

Portugal: I don't usually go for Portuguese ESC efforts,the last one I liked being Rita's Deixa-Me Sonhar in 03 (then again,wasn't everything great in 03?),but this is beautiful.The folk instruments are wonderful,Portuguese is a lovely language and the singer's voice is very delicate but strong at the same time.I especially like the guitar at the beginning and at the end when it's the only instrument playing.Actually I like the accordion too.Violins,accordions,what's going on with me?I could enthuse much more over this song,but will save it for another time :) Verdict- LOVE.Fast becoming my favourite.

Romania: Ugh.Just ugh.Like the Cypriot entry,there's nothing endearing about this song for me whatsoever.Although it does have a big advantage over Cyprus in that it doesn't make me want to end it all.Which is always a plus,surely?This is one for the straight-male vote and that's about it I think.Verdict- HATE

Slovenia: From the straight man's vote to the middle aged housewife and granny vote.As long as they don't get too distracted by the singer's boobs that is.It's difficult.This is really good though,I think Slovenia are onto something here.If you listen to just the instrumental bits without watching,it does sound a bit like dodgy on-hold music that HSBC might play you whilst they go and do something useless for 15 minutes before coming back to you and giving you a useless answer.But the performance is very good,simple but effective,as all the best are.Verdict- LIKE.Very much.Must be the violins...

Spain: Average.Sounds more like a Turkish entry than a Spanish one.Methinks the performance and probable hunky backing dancers will be the best thing about it.Verdict- DISLIKE

Switzerland: I love Switzerland.And I really like Lovebugs and I am definitely feeling that synth in the background.But I've had this song for about a month now and didn't realise it was their ESC effort.Because it really isn't an ESC song.It is great but just sounds too much like an album track to me.Then again,what can you really expect from a pop-rock band I suppose? But I do really want them to do well in Moscow.Verdict- LIKE

Turkey: Turkey's songs are always promoted well every year,and I do try to like them,but I just never understand why they're so popular year after year.Düm Tek Tek isn't one of the worst in recent times,but it still doesn't do anything for me.Verdict- DISLIKE

UK: EuropeCrazy described My Time as "a total pile of mince" last month when it was chosen.Which amused me greatly,and I agreed 100%.But it seems to be our lucky year,as everything is so sub-standard,it makes our song look half decent.I disliked Jade immensely throughout Your Country Needs You,I didn't understand why everyone loved her when she was murdering a new song every week.But she certainly sings this pile of mince very well indeed.Which is more than can be said for other singers in the competition this year.And the lyrics may be naffer than naff and the chorus really annoying,but sadly I have to say (because no British person is meant to enjoy UK ESC songs are they?)...Verdict- LIKE

So that's 5 that I love (Hungary,Netherlands,Norway,Portugal and Macedonia),10 I like,9 I dislike and 8 I hate very much indeed.The outlook is grim.


Rick said...

My verdict on your ratings system: LOVE.

However, do you have a rating called "Bend and Snap"? This is necessary when discussing ESC songs.

I still don't get Norway's appeal - what am I missing? General opinion is good for this one.

Rachel said...

I don't even know myself why I like Fairytale,I hated it last week and will probably change my mind every week until ESC.It's not a brilliant song,but most of them are so piss poor this year,I'm latching on to anything remotely listenable.The catchy chorus and the violins are doing it for me at the minute.I still find Alexander a bit weird though.

I will be sure to introduce Bend and Snap as a rating next year,I don't know how it slipped my mind this year :)

Rick said...

Bend and Snap - works every time!