Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bonsoir mes amis

Hi hi,I am still here,I'm just a bit busy at the minute getting lost in Paris,spending horrible amounts of money on groceries and staring at fit French men on the metro.I did intend on writing my thoughts about the Raphaël Haroche album I bought the other day,but when I found out it's actually his debut album (released 9 years ago),I thought I'd probably missed the boat on that one.But worry not,I live near(ish) to a giant FNAC and will no doubt buy lots more (hopefully more modern) music in the near future that I can write about.Oh,and Nouvelle Star starts over here on Tuesday so I might write about that as well.My reception of M6 isn't that great but I'll still bear with it if there's the slightest hope of seeing my new neighbour ( ;) ) Jonatan Cerrada on it some time.

I must say I've not really got into ESC this year like I normally do.Belarus have disappointed me,the UK have disappointed me (although I'm thinking we won't actually do as badly as we should),Norway have disappointed me (I feel Fairytale might grow on me,but still,I wanted Espen Hana to win),Denmark have disappointed me big time, and as you probably know,I hate Melodifestivalen.So not a lot going on to excite me.Being a big Måns fan,I have of course seen and heard Hope and Glory,but even that's not doing much for me.Have a look at what Rick over on Stornisse has to say about it.I agree completely.


Rick said...

Fairytale - that song will flop badly, sorry to say. That guy just freaks me out.

"Lucky Boy" should have won for Denmark, their choice for Moscow is SO bland.

Thanks for the link to the my site... this weeks review is here:

SVT made some awful choices this year.

Rachel said...

Yeah Alexander is a bit weird.I'm still finding the song really irritating too.Catchy can be good,but in this case it isn't.

I wasn't too impressed with Lucky Boy actually.I was expecting something great from Jeppe but this didn't quite do it for me.I was supporting Hera all the way!

EuropeCrazy said...

I think Alexander's in with a very good chance, but he's the wrong side of irritating for me at the moment.

I'm struggling with this year's Eurovision selections as there's very little to float my boat. Finland's my number one at the moment :)

Rachel said...

Finland's song has the best chorus in the contest so far,but in general I don't like it that much.This is probably just because I wanted Signmark to win and am currently in my stage of denial :) Same with Denmark really.

I am starting to like Fairytale now- not much,but a little bit.Biologically,Alexander is Belarussian so at least my (former) favourite ESC country has one good representative this year :) Apparantly they've completely redone Eyes That Never Lie,but I can't bring myself to listen to it.But I know what you mean about this year- I think literally every song that's been chosen so far is either awful or average,there's nothing at all that stands out.So much for my prediction of it being a really good year!