Thursday, 25 June 2009

I travel and travel,I'll never come home

So I came back to France today,to the super news (thanks to Laura at EuropeCrazy) that Polarkreis 18's debut Allein Allein will be released in the UK next month,and is being played on Radio 2! This,on top of the fact that there was loads of Europop on the music channels at home last week makes me really happy indeed.OK so it was only Agnes,Star Pilots and Kate Ryan on telly,but you can't be choosy.And then there's Teitur on Radio 2 the other week,and the World Service a few weeks before that...For me it shows progress for the music scene in the UK- a country who I've musically ignored for a good 3 years now being sick and tired of all the indie clones who've invaded the charts and sat there festering for far too long.Maybe it's now safe to put the radio on again and tune it to something other than Radio 4?

I realise that European music of any kind will never make the same impact as the aforementioned indie clones and the endless stream of American tripe in the UK,but still,it's an exciting prospect.And on a geeky note,not since The Rasmus released In the Shadows in 2004 have I been able to say "I knew about them ages ago!" So yes,three cheers for Europop :)

And speaking of Polarkreis 18,here's my other favourite song of theirs- Tourist.This is a bit different to the album version- Felix doesn't do the "Ich bin nicht hier,ich weiss nicht wo ich bin" bit normally.But it's good.His voice is magic.

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EuropeCrazy said...

Well said! (and thanks for the very welcome plug) I think someone on the music TV channels must be really into Swedish music/Europop at the moment - last night I was channel hopping through the few channels that didn't have wall-to-wall Michael Jackson - and they showed a clip of an Elin Lanto video. I would love the UK chart to be overcome by European acts but of course it isn't going to happen, even though a lot of the music is very accessible indeed.

What's really bugging me at the moment: why every local radio station in this country can't go for 5 minutes without playing Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna, Duffy or Pixie Lott.

Remember the days not so long ago of the "holiday hit" when everyone went abroad for their summer hols when there was a big hit song and then came home and bought it. I think the last one was "The Ketchup Song" - I wonder if we'll ever have anything like that again?