Monday, 30 November 2009

You and me and me and you

Probably the winner of Cutest Music Video of 2008,should such a category really exist in the EMAs.

Probably my least favourite song on the album,but it's grown on me a lot since finding this video.I think it's the bee at the end that gets me.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 16/11/09

1- BWO and Velvet- Right Here Right Now
2- Luminita Anghel and Sistem- Let Me Try
3- Tiziano Ferro and Kelly Rowland- Breathe Gentle
4- Armin van Buuren and Sharon den Adel- In and Out of Love
5- Sergey Lazarev and Timati- Lazerboy
6- Blestachiye and Arash- Vostochniye Skazki
7- Kate Ryan and Soraya- Caminaré
8- Christophe Willem and Kylie Minogue- Sensitised
9- Azad and Adel Tawil- Ich Glaub an Dich
10- Bjork and Thom Yorke- I’ve Seen It All
11- Counting Crows and Bløf- Holiday in Spain
12- Royksopp and Karin Dreijer- What Else is There?
13- Laura Pausini and James Blunt- La Primavera in Anticipo
14- Lovebugs and Lene Marlin- Avalon
15- Silbermond and Xavier Naidoo- Sehen Wir Uns Wieder?
16- Danny and Therese- If Only You
17- Jan Plestenjak and Lara- Soba 102
18- Ane Brun and Teitur- Rubber and Soul
19- Filip Kirkorov and Dima Koldun- Kak Sumashedshi Ya
20- Antti Tuisku and Jenni Vartiainen- Kahdestaan
21- Eva de Roovere and ?- Slenterblues
22- Jonatan Cerrada and Ophélie Cassy- Ne m’en Veux Pas
23- Lauri Ylönen and Anette Olzon- October and April

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 9/11/09

1- Måns Zelmerlöw- Cara Mia
2- Anna Vissi- Who Cares About Love
3- Danny- Play It For the Girls
4- Ace of Base- The Sign
5- BWO- Open Door (Disco Version)
6- Christophe Willem- Kiss the Bride
7- September- Satellites
8- Antti Tuisku- Levoton
9- BiS- Korabliki
10- Jonathan Fagerlund- Dance in the Shadows
11- EMD- Alone
12- Alexander Stenerud- Find My Girl
13- Marie Picasso- I’ll Be There
14- Eva de Roovere- Laat me je Lied Zijn
15- Katri Ylander- Piste
16- Dima Bilan- Changes
17- Anna Abreu- Silent Despair
18- Yvonne Catterfeld- Du Hast Mein Herz Gebrochen
19- Laura Pausini- Un Emergenza d’Amore
20- Espen Lind and Kurt Nilsen- When Susannah Cries
21- Silbermond- Letzte Bahn
22- Phillipp Poisel- Wo Fängt Dein Himmel An
23- Teitur- I Was Just Thinking

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 2/11/09

1- Antti Tuisku- Marraskuu
2- Giusy Ferreri- Novembre
3- Amanda Jenssen- Do You Love Me?
4- Jonathan Fagerlund- Welcome to My Life
5- Kane- Rain Down on Me
6- Polarkreis- The Colour of Snow
7- Marina Korelin- The Best
8- Royksopp- Eple
9- Dima Bilan- Pozdravlayu
10- Tiziano Ferro- Per un po’ spariro
11- The Rasmus- Ice
12- Dima Bilan- Gore Zima
13- Prohor Shalyapin- Oi Moroz Moroz
14- Erik Hassle- Hurtful
15- Raymond van het Groenewoud- Twee Meijses
16- Bløf- Aan de Kust
17- Jonatan Cerrada- Un Dimanche d’Automne
18- BWO- Sunshine in the Rain
19- Jetzt Anders!- Viel zu Kalt
20- Danny- I’ll Be Over You
21- Apparatjik- Snow Crystals
22- Mew- Snowflake
23- September- Flowers on the Grave
24- Sven van Thom- Wenn du Gehen Willst
25- Charlotte Perrelli- Black and Blue
26- Katri Ylander- Rakkaus ei rapistu

Radio Flensburg- Not just for Northerners


I'm getting obsessed with this fab internet radio station.There seems to never be any talking on there (which is always nice),and there's a good range of music,even if most of it is a bit predictable.Though they did play an Irish Gaelic ballad earlier,so there is the odd surprise.

Listen here.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

You're still so bloody beautiful

I love Ruben Cossani.I love Echt's song Du Trägst Keine Liebe In Dir.So I really love this...

Bit too happy sounding maybe,but it is Michel van Dyke's song after all.And Konrad has a lovely voice :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 26/10/09

1- Mew- Repeaterbeater
2- Dina- Hater jeg å elsker deg
3- Danny- Utopia
4- Sheryfa Luna- Je Reviendrai
5- A-Ha- Take on Me
6- Sogdiana- Vspominaj Menya
7- Sasha- To nic, kiedy płyną łzy
8- Regina- Bistra Voda
9- Aleksa Jelic and Ana Stajdohar- Beli Jablan
10- Jan Plestenjak- Tvoya Druga
11- Taraf de Haidouks- Back to Clejani
12- Akcent- Let’s Talk About It
13- Ani Tamrazyan- Hate Me
14- Sevara Nazarkhan and Elf- A On Ne Prishyol
15- Gosia Andrzejewicz- Otwórz oczy
16- Mari- Dare Surtsch
17- Tina Karol- Lyublyu Yevo
18- Cyril Cinélu- Life
19- Jonatan Cerrada- Con Los Años Que Me Quedan
20- Ich und Ich- Stark
21- Gorky- Mia
22- Katri Ylander- Unta
23- Hector- Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen
24- Chelsi- Dlya Tebya
25- Velvet- Destiny
26- Scandinavian Music Group- Se sitä ja Se tätä
27- Espen Hana- Two of a Kind

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 19/10/09

1- Anna Abreu- Are You Ready?
2- Charlotte Nilsson- Tusen och en Natt
3- Velvet- Chemistry
4- Laura Pausini- Il Mio Sbaglio Più Grande
5- Bløf- Alles is Liefde
6- Olavi Uusivirta- 606
7- Jari Sillanpää- Satulinna
8- Jenni Vartiainen- Mustaa Kahvia
9- The Ark- Absolutely No Decorum
10- September- Cry For You (Accoustic)
11- Sahlene- This Woman
12- Echt- 2010
13- Blackbox Revelation- I Think I Like You
14- The Rasmus- Chill
15- Mando Diao- You Don’t Understand Me
16- Tanel Padar and The Sun- Kuu on Päike
17- Prata Vetra- And I Lie
18- Sergey Lazarev- Shattered Dreams
19- Ani Lorak- Ukradi
20- BiS- Katya
21- Dima Bilan- Protiv Pravil
22- Das Bierbeben- No Future No Past
23- Måns Zelmerlöw- Rewind
24- Teitur- The Girl I Don’t Know
25- Kurt Nilsen- Tearing Me Up Inside
26- Roger Cicero- Atme ein, Atme aus
27- Jakob Sveistrup- Tænker lissom jeg

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 12/10/09

1- Agnes- Love Love Love
2- Anna Abreu- Vinegar
3- ABBA- Mamma Mia
4- Danny- Tokyo
5- M83- Dark Moves of Love
6- Sergey Lazarev- Vspominaj
7- Hooverphonic- Mad About You
8- BWO- Rhythm Divine
9- Basshunter- Mellan Oss Två
10- O-Zone- Despre Tine
11- Annie- I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me
12- Molly Sandén- Mitt liv är mitt
13- PMMP- Joutsenet
14- EMD- All For Love
15- Mor ve Ötesi- Bir Derdim Var
16- Rammstein- Feuer Frei
17- Revolverheld- Nichts Bereuen
18- Karpatenhund- Zusammen Verschwinden
19- Philter- My French Connection
20- Antti Tuisku- Valo
21- Gerard Joling- Maak me Gek
22- Grégory Lemarchal- Mon Ange
23- Jonatan Cerrada- Libre comme l’Air
24- Dima Bilan- Ty Dolzhna Ryadom Bit’
25- Scandinavian Music Group- Vieläkö soitan banjoa?
26- Patrizio Buanne- Come Prima
27- Friðrik Ómar- Ef þú þiggur það

Sounds of Europe Tracklist: 5/10/09

We've had requests from a few people to write up the tracklists from the show (which,I will remind everyone is on from 9-11pm UK time on Mondays and can be heard on the GU2 site for up to a week after).So I'm publishing them here,and also on the Sounds of Europe Facebook group.They might take a while to appear,as it's a bit of a process finding the recording and listening through it all again,but it will happen eventually :)

1- Måns Zelmerlöw- Lively Up Your Monday
2- Charlotte Perrelli- Not Alone
3- Joana Zimmer- Bringing Down the Moon
4- BiS- Tvoi ili Nichei
5- Molly Sandén- Hallelujah
6- Aleksander Denstad With- Coming Home
7- Jenni Vartiainen- Ihmisten edessä
8- The Rasmus- Falling
9- Disco Ensemble- Headphones
10- Dima Koldun- Work Your Magic (Deep Zone Remix)
11- Kate Ryan- Mon Coeur Resiste Encore
12- September- Can’t Get Over
13- Velvet- Fix Me
14- Mediengruppe Telekommander- Trend
15- Wouter Hamel- See You Once Again
16- Prata Vetra- Ty Ne Odin
17- Silbermond- Durch die Nacht
18- Kraftwerk- Die Autobahn
19- Span- Don’t Think the Way They Do
20- Dima Bilan- Toska
21- Johnny Deluxe- Sindssyg
22- Ruben Cossani- Bis auf Letzte Nacht
23- Echt- Du Trägst Keine Liebe in Dir
24- Scandinavian Music Group- Missä olet Laila?
25- Teitur- Tú ert ein eingil