Friday, 31 October 2008

Do you ever think of me and how we used to be?

Ah the good old days of living in an overpriced box in Guildford in 06/07,drinking cheap vodka (damn One Stop not selling Russkiy Standard) and singing along to delights like this...

If only there'd have been room to do the dance too...

Anyway,I'm posting this as a warning,I mean intro to something that will be happening on here quite soon.Not this weekend though,as I'm going back to the UK tomorrow- yep,Stansted,1.30,red carpet please :) I'm only back for 4 days,and while the thought of going back to the Inselaffen (yes,apparantly some Germans call us Island Monkeys) never really excites me,it will be bloody nice to have some proper food and entertainment after the crappy week I've had.Now normally I write about these things over on PVE,but hardly anyone reads PVE,so I'm writing it here hoping I'll get some sympathy :) I've been in bed practically for a week now (after 2 failed attempts at going to work on Monday and yesterday).I don't know what's wrong with me,I can't eat (although did manage a milkshake and chicken wrap yesterday- woohoo),I was dizzy for about 3 days,had a stupidly high temperature,headaches,muscle pain,sore throat,extreme tiredness,was going all shaky and cold at random intervals and a few other unsavoury things too.Today,I have a white tongue.What the f**k does it all mean?! I actually feel pretty good (well,alright) today,but it's put me completely behind for tomorrow.I have no clothes to take with me,because I haven't done any washing for ages,have no train ticket to Lübeck and my room here is an absolute tip,which must be sorted before tomorrow.Aagh.

Monday, 27 October 2008

WYM Official Top 10: Week 5

10: Teitur- The Singer
9: Anžej Dežan- Vroče (Ah Anžej...Sounds of Europe...Guildford...)
8: Marie Picasso- Out of My Hands
7: The Rasmus- Ten Black Roses (Been feeling completely emo lately,TR help :) )
6: Teitur- Ongir Pengar (Part 1 of a 2 part blues theme on the Faroese album- songs are called No Money and Think Positive.One can try :) )
5: Teitur- Káta Hornið ("I've arrived at a conclusion here- it's best to live among others who know where and whom you are" I love that line)
4: Philipp Poisel- Unanständig (Bought the album in Lübeck- it's good- I'll review it sometime.Maybe)
3: Teitur- Tokspor
2: Charlotte Perrelli- Hero

They're still number one...

1: Euroband- This Is My Life

Monday, 20 October 2008


Diana just told me about this...

Britain's answer to Filip Kirkorov,a glittery Union's all so camp and fabulous,I'm so excited!

Having done what the good man told me to and checked out the website,I have concluded- I WANT TO DO IT!!! It'd be like X Factor,I'd be the one crying every week because "I want this so bad"/"I want to win Eurovision to give my family a better life"/"I just want Filip Kirkorov to notice me..."

Sigh.If only I was in the UK for the first half of next year...

WYM Official Top 10: Week 4

10: Teitur- The Singer
9: Teitur- Andvekur
8: The Rasmus- Justify
7: The Rasmus- Ten Black Roses
6: Marie Picasso- Out of My Hands
5: Philipp Poisel- Unanständig
4: Timati & Sergey Lazarev- Lazerboy
3: Friðrik Ómar- Somebody to Love (I tell you,this man is singing at my wedding! He might be 83 by the time I find someone to have a wedding with,but still...)
2: Charlotte Perrelli- Hero (OK,she's probably still number one,but I couldn't post the video for 2 weeks in a row :) )

I'm that sad I listened to this about 5 times in a row at lunchtime.Expect it to feature very highly indeed in the end of year top 10/20/however many I have time to do :) Now I don't wanna get all political on yo ass,but I've been reading about the financial crisis in Iceland the last few days- it made me sad.Especially reading about the attitude of some Brits and Danes towards it all.We're all Europeans and should be helping eachother out.As the Facebook group says "Iceland will come back stronger and bigger- Áfram Ísland!" Yes.

1: Euroband- This Is My Life

Friday, 17 October 2008

It's finally happened...

There's a video to Ya Ne Umru Bez Tvoi Lyubvi at last.Well kind of,it's mostly clips from Ryzhaya,which I really want to see now- it looks so bad that it might be good.There's a bit of a complex love quadrangle going on by the looks of things,complete with an abandoned wedding and the world's most ridiculous accident.Not wanting to be outdone in the drama stakes,the boys have gone for the Moody Chelsi look.Which fits the song of course,but just looks a bit funny in places :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

You lost and I won

She did.She's in the Bulgarian semi finals.God help us...

As Father Ted said to Dougal- "we have to lose that sax solo!"

Monday, 13 October 2008

WYM Official Top 10: Week 3

10: Teitur- Tu ert ein eingil (still want to see him in Hamburg)
9: Revolverheld- Die Welt Steht Still
8: Marie Serneholt- That's the Way My Heart Goes
7: Philipp Poisel- Unanständig (now I understand it)
6: Teitur- Andvekur (*sigh*,the Faroese album is soooo good)
5: Friðrik Ómar- Somebody to Love
4: Teitur- The Singer (notice a theme this week?)
3: Marie Picasso- Out of my Hands
2: Timati & Sergey Lazarev- Lazerboy

Yeah,it's a bit old now,but I can't stopn listening to it for some reason.I'm sure it makes me do a weird strut-type walk when it's on the ipod too :)

1: Charlotte Perrelli- Hero

Thursday, 9 October 2008

I'm trying not to think about you

Note to self: 7 hour late night MSN conversations with nice men are good,but even better if you can deal with it the next day.

Last night I acquired lots of songs from my friend from just up the A7.I'm convinced he has every song in the world (Russian pop excluded- but then,that's my department :) ).But apart from the national anthem of the Soviet Union,this is my favourite one- It's called Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy,and well,it's a bit sad but there are some really good lines in it,and she does have a great voice.It reminds me a bit of Eden by Hooverphonic actually,which is no bad thing...

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

How cool!

Sounds like it should be a joke,but I'd buy it!Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin indeed...


There's not much point in doing the WYM Top 10 this week,because I can honestly say I've listened to nothing but Teitur for the last week.Well,apart from one song anyway.Discotastic Dancing Genius Sergey Lazarev has been working with rather famous Russian rapper Timati (surprisingly enough,from FZ4),and they've come up with this piece of brilliance- Lazerboy

"I'm a Lazerboy for life" is possibly the worst line since "they call me Dima Bilan,Dima Bilan,D-D-Dima Bilan",but still.It's a funky song.

Monday, 6 October 2008

WYM Official Top 10

...will be back tomorrow probably.I'm currently on Skype to Keira trying to plan an exciting birthday for me in a destination reachable from both Hamburg and Helsinki.It's a tough job.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Czech it out

In the end I got up far too late today to be able to write a good enough post about Friday night as well as do all the other stuff I had to do today.Actually I didn't get any of that stuff done either...But I have been watching X Factor from last night- waiting for the nice person to upload tonight's episode now.And I've been watching a bit of Czech X Factor too:

Now that's not a terrible version of the song,but the bike and the woman and all the leather really bother me...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Back from Denmark

Thankfully.No,it wasn't that bad.Read about it tomorrow on Parlez-Vous Europop,and about my magnificent evening in the company of Teitur Lassen here on WYM...

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Theme Thursday: I'll treat you like a bad girl

(Or is it fat girl...?)

Readers,welcome to the first Theme Thursday!* This week we'll see the...

Top 5 "Sergey Lazarev is a discotastic dancing genius" Songs of the Week

He's so cool that he shouldn't be legal (he oughta be banned)...

5: Shattered Dreams

In this performance from Song of the Year 2007,Sergey's going for the "Páll Óskar-at-the-Scala-Eurovision-Party" look.But there's no sequins,so it doesn't work as well...But the dancing makes up for it :) Oh,and look,there's Alla Pugacheva- why did she ever split up with Kirkorov?They were made for eachother...
Highlight- The "strut and grab" in the choruses

4: Do Me Right

Erm,how tight are those trousers,Sergey? If you ever need a new employee to spray them on for you,just leave a comment on this post and I'll be over to Moscow as soon as.Nightlife in Kiel is probably not half as fabulous as over there anyway :)
Highlight: I'm loving the little jump sequences at 1.09 and 1.16.That face at about 1.29 is a classic too!

3: Fake

Ah yes,the most dodgy lyrics of all time...This video is the Gay Club Mix apparantly.Now was a gay remix really necessary?Fake is as camp as a row of pink tents as it is.Because all of his others are 100% macho anthems of course.
Highlight: His whole "Yeah,I know I'm cool" attitude,despite wearing white trousers and a black and white stripey shirt

2: GU2 Radio

Oh sorry,did I say GU2 Radio? I meant TV or Radio.Just getting flashbacks to the great man himself doing the idents for our show...Anyway,this is a trippy video where Sergey's dressed like a bank manager but still being achingly cool dancing with some interesting creatures.Also check out the Typical Russian Audience.
Highlight: The robotic bits

1: Do It For Me

From the show Being Sergey Lazarev according to the top corner of the video.Wasn't there a Being Dima Bilan as well?I bet he didn't do cool things like this in it though.
Highlight: The bizarre arm movements,the thrusting,that weird thing at 2.25,everything!

*Which may or may not be a regular thing,I haven't quite decided...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Guess what...

I think I'm actually all ready for Denmark.Despite only having £13 (!) worth of Kroner left after my hotel bill.Mmmm...thank God for Nationwide and their free withdrawal thing :) I also need to pack and buy several snacks for the trip,but apart from that I'm ready to go.But not before the first Theme Thursday tomorrow...Yes,it's another excuse to post something every week when there's nothing else to talk about.You'll see.

Anyway,I have a question for any Russian readers out there (I know there are some :) ),are Maksim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva getting married or not?As much as I like to keep up to date with all the Russian showbiz news,my sources can be rather inaccurate...